Hakone Sanshamairi (1) Hakone Shrine and Kuzuryu Shrine

箱根三社参り アイキャッチ画像1


I visited three shrines at Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture, as my belated New Year’s visit to shrines. The three shrines I visited were Hakone Shrine, Kuzuryushrine and Hakone Mototsumiya Shirne – visiting these three shrines are called “Hakone Sanshamairi”. In additon, I visited Narukawa Art Museum where I was able to see panoramic view of Lake Ashi.

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Hakone Shrine (and Kuzuryu Shine Shingu) – Kuzuryu Shine Hongu -Hakone Mototsumiya Shirne – Narukawa Art Museum

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[Main Part]

I arrived at Hakone Yumoto by Odakyu Limited Express “Romancecar”.箱根 ロマンスカー 写真

Then, I took a local bus to Moto Hakone area.元箱根 芦ノ湖 写真

My first destination in this trip was Hakone Shrine.箱根神社 写真1

Went to the approach.箱根神社 写真2

箱根神社 写真3

Torii Gate箱根神社 写真4

Honden (Main hall).箱根神社 写真5

箱根神社 写真6

箱根神社 写真7

Fudasho (temples where amulets are collected).箱根神社 写真8

箱根神社 写真9

Amulets箱根神社 写真10

Pictorial offering箱根神社 写真11

There was also Kuzuryu Shrine Shingu on the grounds of Hakone Shrine.九頭龍神社新宮 写真1

Nine head dragons.九頭龍神社新宮 写真2

Then, I headed to Lake Ashi and found “Heiwa no Torii”.箱根神社 平和の鳥居 写真1

Two women with taking photos.箱根神社 平和の鳥居 写真2

Three men with a pirate ship.箱根神社 平和の鳥居 写真3

A man and a woman with their arms open.箱根神社 平和の鳥居 写真4

I returned to the approach of Hakone Shrine and found many stalls open.

This stall was very popular.箱根神社 権現からめもち 写真

I went back to Moto Hakone.

Then, I moved to Kuzuryu Shrine Hongu by pleasure ship.芦ノ湖 遊覧船 写真1

View from the ship.

Mt. Fuji.

Pirate ship.芦ノ湖 海賊船 写真

Now I arrived at the port.

It took another 30 minutes on foot to reach Kuzuryu Shrine Hongu.

Finally, I arrived at Kuzuryu Shrine Hongu.箱根 九頭龍神社本宮 写真1

箱根 九頭龍神社本宮 写真2

Torii gate on the Lake Ashi.箱根 九頭龍神社本宮 写真3

箱根 九頭龍神社本宮 写真4

Torii Gate with pirate ship.箱根 九頭龍神社本宮 写真5

To be continued.

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