Zenkoji Temple Gokaicho event: Part 1

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I took a day trip to Zenkoji temple at Nagano prefecture to watch the Zenkoji Temple Maedachi Honzon Gokaicho event.  The event is held once in seven years to welcome to the Main Hall the Maedachi Honzon statue. There are two articles for the trip and this article is the first part.

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[Main part]

At the entrance of the approach to the temple.Zenkoji temple approach photo1

I took a day off on Friday and visited there so that I could avoid crowds. However, I was so surprised to see there were so many visitors there. Anyway, I headed to the Zenkoji temple.Zenkoji temple approach photo2

At the entrance of the precinct.Zenkoji temple entrance photo1

Jizo (Statue)Zenkoji temple Jizo photo1

Zenkoji temple Jizo photo2

Zenkoji temple Jizo photo3

Temple gateZenkoji temple gate photo1

View from the rooftop of the temple gateZenkoji temple gate photo2

Eko-bashira PillarZenkoji temple Eko-bashira Pillar photo1

It is believed that if you touch the pillar, you can receive benefits. However, there were so crowds who wanted to touch it, so I just passed the pillar for the time being.

Instead, I moved to the main hall to see the Maedachi Honzon statue..Zenkoji temple main hall photo1

Zenkoji temple main hall photo2

Zenkoji temple main hall photo3

Then, I moved to Churei Tower (temple to enshrine the soul of person who fought for the loyalty).Zenkoji temple precinct photo1

Zenkoji temple precinct photo2

Zenkoji temple Churei Tower photo1

Zenkoji temple Churei Tower photo2

Zenkoji temple Churei Tower photo3

Zenkoji temple Churei Tower photo4

Zenkoji temple Churei Tower photo5

Zenkoji temple Churei Tower photo6

I left the temple and had a lunch near it.Zenkoji Japanese Noodle photo1

I ordered a Japanese noodle.Zenkoji Japanese Noodle photo2

Zenkoji Japanese Noodle photo3

I returned to Zenkoji temple.Zenkoji temple Nio statue photo1

Nio statueZenkoji temple Nio statue photo2

Nakamise shopping streetZenkoji temple approach photo3

To be continued to the next article (the second part).

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