Shimonada Station: a local train station famous as movie location

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I traveled to Ehime and Kagawa Prefecture for 4 days and 3 nights. In this article, I will write about Shimonada Station, which is famous as movie location. I had a long-held desire to visit there and indeed I enjoyed it very much.

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[Travel Dates]
2015.07.25 – 28

[Main Part]

After leaving Ozu City where I wrote in the previous article, I took a local train of the Yosan Line and stopped over at Shimonada Station to take photos there.

What is Shimonada Station?Shimonada Station building

Shimonada Station is a a train station on the Yosan Line in Iyo, Ehime Prefecture. The average number of a daily ridership is just around 60 people, so it’s a small local train station.

You can see the Inland Sea from the platform of the station and it used to be called “the nearest station to the sea”. Due to its magnificent view, Shimonada Station is often used for movie and TV location. In particular, this station is famous as a filming location for posters of “Seishun 18 kippu (ticket)”, a discount rail ticket offered by Japan’s JR network.

For this reason, Shimonada Station is well known among railroad fans and photographers and I had been keen to take photos there. This time, my desire came true. As it is often said that the sunset view is the best timing to shoot photos, I arrived at the venue in the late afternoon and took photos until the sun went down.

Photos I took at Shimonada Station

Just after I reached the place during daylight hours.Shimonada Station 1

Shimonada Station 2

Shimonada Station 3

Shimonada Station 4

Shimonada Station 5

The sun started to go down little by little.Shimonada Station sundown 1

Shimonada Station sundown 2

Shimonada Station sundown 3

Various types of colors by changing camera setting.Shimonada Station evening view 1

Shimonada Station evening view 2

Shimonada Station evening view 3

Shimonada Station evening view 4

Shimonada Station evening view 5

Shimonada Station evening view 6

Shimonada Station evening view 7

I happened to see a sightseeing train stop at the station.v 1

Shimonada Station Sightseeing train 2

Shimonada Station Sightseeing train 3

Shimonada Station Sightseeing train 4

Just before the sunset. As the horizon was seen in front of the platform, I was able to watch the sun setting on a skyline.Shimonada Station before sunset 1

Shimonada Station before sunset 2

Shimonada Station before sunset 3

Shimonada Station before sunset 4

Just after the sunset. To emphasize a senset atmoshphere, the color was adjusted to umber.Shimonada Station after sunset 1

Shimonada Station after sunset 2

Shimonada Station after sunset 3

Shimonada Station after sunset 4

Shimonada Station after sunset 5

Shimonada Station after sunset 6

Then, I tool a train and moved to Matsuyama City where I stayed on the day.


So, that’s it for the article about Shimonada Station. Visiting Shimonada Station is one of the main purposes in this trip, and I was very satisfied as I was able to take wonderful photos more than I expected 🙂


  1. こんな綺麗な写真みると行ってみたくなりますね。

    1. kiku1015さん、コメントありがとうございます。ここは期待値をかなり高めて行ったのですが、その期待を超える満足でした。また、交通の便については、確かに電車の本数が少ない等により色々制約が出てきますが、その分一ヶ所の滞在時間が長く、メリットもあるかと思いました!

  2. はじめまして。

    1. なおじさんへ

  3. 以前、行ったことのある「下灘駅」が「めちゃ!」きれいにとれてまして感動しました!

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