Dogo shopping arcade and Dogo gourmet

道後グルメ アイキャッチ画像


I visited Dogo-onsen Hot Spring in Matsuyama city, Ehime prefecture in two years. “Mika Ninagawa × Dogo Onsen DOGO ART 2015”, an art festival, was held during my visit, so I was able to fully enjoy staying there. In this article, I will write about Dogo shopping arcade and Dogo gourmet.

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* Dogo Hot Spring main building (daytime)
* Dogo Hot Spring main building (light-up)
* Art works of “Mika Ninagawa × Dogo Onsen DOGO ART 2015”
* Dogo shopping arcade and Dogo gourmet [This article]
* Other spots in Dogo Onsen Hot Spring
* Dogo Onsen station and tram
* Mican room

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Dogo Shopping Arcade

Dogo Shopping Arace, otherwise known as Dogo Haikara Dori, is an L-shaped shopping district which runs from Dogo Onsen station to Dogo Hot Spring main building. The shopping arcade is 250 meters long with 60 shops.
道後ハイカラ通り 地図

When tourists come to Dogo hot spring, they typically visit Dogo Hot Spring main building to take a bath there and stroll through Dogo Shopping Arcade. I also visited the shopping street several time during my stay, so I will write about it in this article. Let’s start 🙂

Strolling Dogo Shopping Arcade

The start point was a Japanese lantern gate near Dogo Onsen station.道後ハイカラ通り 提灯ゲート

During the period of “Mika Ninagawa × Dogo Onsen DOGO ART 2015”, the gate was decorated with Mika Ninagawa’s art works.

When I passed the gate, there was a building of the Dogo Onse tourist information center and a morning bazar was held.""

A panel for tourists to take souvenir photos.""

Let’s move on.""

First, I stopped by “Dogo Tamaya”.道後ハイカラ通り 道後たま屋

The shop was famous for its orange rice balls and I bought it.道後ハイカラ通り 道後たま屋 みかんおにぎり

Then, I visited “Fuyusha”, which sold traditional wallet.道後ハイカラ通り 布遊舎

道後ハイカラ通り 布遊舎 マドンナがま口

道後ハイカラ通り 布遊舎 がま口

Bocchan dango is one of the local famous confections.道後ハイカラ通り 巴堂

道後ハイカラ通り 巴堂 坊っちゃん団子

There were several cafe in the street and I visited “Dogo-no-Machiya”.道後ハイカラ通り 道後の町屋


道後ハイカラ通り 道後の町屋 バーガー

Matsuyama tart is another local famous confection and “Rokujiya” is one of the famous makers.道後ハイカラ通り 六時屋

道後ハイカラ通り 六時屋 タルト

Snaps of the street.""


道後ハイカラ通り みかんの木

道後ハイカラ通り 夢蔵人

At the end of the shopping arcade, there was “Ichiroku Honpo” famous for its Ichiroku Tart.道後ハイカラ通り 一六本舗1

道後ハイカラ通り 一六本舗2

It operates a cafe on the second floor.道後ハイカラ通り 一六茶寮1

Visiotrs are able to see Dogo Hot Spring main building from window tables.道後ハイカラ通り 一六茶寮 道後温泉本館

I had a lunch here.道後ハイカラ通り 一六茶寮 鍋焼きうどん

I also had a cake on another day.道後ハイカラ通り 一六茶寮 道後ロール

Other Dogo gourmets

Here are some photos of other Dogo gourmets I had during my visits.

Rice cooked with shredded sea bream and local beer at Dogo-Bakushu-kan.道後温泉 道後麦酒館1

道後温泉 道後麦酒館2

道後温泉 道後麦酒館 鯛めし

道後温泉 道後麦酒館 道後ビール

Sushi at Oidenya.道後温泉 伊予のご馳走 おいでん家

道後温泉 伊予のご馳走 おいでん家 寿司

Udon at Daikokuya.道後温泉 大黒屋1

道後温泉 大黒屋 うどん 釜飯

Mican goods

Just for an extra section, I will write about Mican goods I saw at Dogo Shopping Arcade. Mican is the mascot character of Ehime Prefecture. Since I first visited Ehime in December 2103, I have been a fan of Mican. Mican got the second place in the Yuru-Chara grand prix last year and has had a high profile recently. When I revisited Dogo Onsen for the first time in two years, I found many souvenir shops were selling Mican goods more and more.


道後ハイカラ通り みきゃん1

道後ハイカラ通り みきゃん2

道後ハイカラ通り みきゃん3

道後ハイカラ通り みきゃん4

道後ハイカラ通り みきゃん5

道後ハイカラ通り みきゃん6

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That’s it of the article about Dogo shopping arcade and Dogo gourmet. When I go traveling, I often plan tight schedules to visit as many places as possible. This time, however, I just stayed at Dogo hot spring for three days and two nights. So, I was able to have a relaxing trip 🙂

When visitors come to Dogo, they mainly visit Dogo Hot Spring main building and stroll through Dogo Shopping Arcade. However, there are other tourist spots in Dogo and I will write about them in the next article. (To be continued)

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