Hida Takayama and Shirakawa-go Late Winter Trip Part 5: Walking around “Old Town” (Sanmachi)

高山 中橋 アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Hida Takayama and Shirakawa-go for three days and two nights. This is my second visit to Hida Takayama and Shirakawa-go since I visited them for the first time in September 2014. In addition, I also went to Hida Furukawa, which is the filming locations of “Your name/Kimi no na wa”, a blockbuster Japanese anime film. In this article, I will write about walking around “Old Town” (Sanmachi) as part of Day 2.

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I returned from Shirakawa-go to Hida Takayama. Sarubobo, a local mascot in Hida Takayama, welcomed me.Hida Takayama Sarubobo

I left part of belongings in the hotel and started to walk around Hida Takayama.

Hida Kokubunji Temple

To begin with, I went to Hida Kokubunji temple.Hida Kokubunji Temple

Hida Kokubunji is a Shingon temple, which was built around 757.

The temple was famous its beautiful three-storied pagoda.Hida Kokubunji Temple three-storied pagoda

Takayama ramen at Tsuzumi Soba

I had a lunch at Tsuzumi Soba.Takayama ramen Tsuzumi Soba1

Tsuzumi Soba is a traditional Takayama ramen restaurant, which was opened in 1956. It often appears on guid books as one of the famous Takayama ramen restaurants.

In the shop.Takayama ramen Tsuzumi Soba2

I ordered Takayama ramen.Takayama ramen Tsuzumi Soba3

Takayama Jinya (Historical Government Office)

Then, I moved to Takayama Jinya, a historical government office during the Edo period.

The entrance of Takayama Jinya.Takayama Jinya1

There was a snowball of dog.""

Let’s get into the building.

Office room.""

Residential area with a garden.""

An old man sat down.Takayama Jinya2

Large living room.Takayama Jinya3

Interrogation room.Takayama Jinya4

I left Takayama Jinya.Takayama Jinya5

Nakabashi Bridge

Then, I passed Nakabashi bridge.Takayama Nakabashi Bridge1

This vermilion-lacquered bridge was photogenic.Takayama Nakabashi Bridge2

Nakabashi bridge is one of the representative tourists spots in Hida Takayama and I personally like it.Takayama Nakabashi Bridge3

Nakabashi bridge with tourists.Takayama Nakabashi Bridge4

飛騨高山 のがわ

Walking around “Old Town” (Sanmachi)

Then, I walked around “Old Town”, Sanmachi.Hida Takayama Sanmachi1

Sanmachi was a castle town developed during the Edo period. This district was designated as an area of important traditional buildings by the Japanese Government in 1979.

You can see sake breweries and merchants’ houses with latticed bay windows standing in a row. Hida Takayama Sanmachi2

Rikshaw.Hida Takayama Sanmachi Rikshaw1

There was a long queue in front of “Sakaguchi-ya”, which sold Hida beef sushi.飛騨高山 さんまち 坂口屋

“Kotte Ushi” was another popular outlet selling Hida beef sushi.飛騨高山 さんまち こって牛

As you can see, there were so many tourists around here.Hida Takayama Sanmachi Rikshaw2

Other snap photos.Hida Takayama Sanmachi3

Hida Takayama Sanmachi4

Hida Takayama Sanmachi5

Hida Takayama Sanmachi6

Is this a raccoon dog?飛騨高山 さんまち たぬき


That’s it for the article about walking around “Old Town” (Sanmachi) as part of Day 2.

I revisited Hida Takayama for the first time in two and a half years and realized “Now I returned to Hida Takayama”. Hida Takayama is not so large, but a compact city and I like such compactness 🙂

In the next article, I will continue to walk around Hida Takayama.


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