Winter Trip to Nikko Part 8: Nikko Kanaya Hotel, one of the most famous classic hotels in Japan

日光金谷ホテル アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Nikko (日光) for three days and two nights in the middle of February for the first time in five years. Visiting Nikko in winter would be a good choice, since there are less tourists compared to other seasons (summer and autumn) and visitors are able to enjoy snow scenery. In this article, I will write about Nikko Kanaya Hotel where I stayed on the second day.

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Steakhouse Mihashi

Before I write about Nikko Kanaya Hotel, I will mention dinner on the second day. My accommodation plan included only breakfast, so I needed to find a restaurant outside the hotel for dinner. I visited “Steakhouse Mihashi”, which was located near Nikko Kanaya Hotel.Nikko Steakhouse Mihashi1

In the restaurant.""

I oredred “Beef Steak Japanese Style”.Nikko Steakhouse Mihashi2

“Steakhouse Mihashi” is operated by the same company with “Meiji-No-Yakata”, which I visited on the second day for lunch (see the related article).

Nikko Kanaya Hotel

Now I will write about Nikko Kanaya Hotel.""

Nikko Kanaya Hotel opened in 1873 and has been registered as Registered Tangible Cultural Properties as one of the oldest western-style hotels in Japan. Many famous people such as Albert Einstein and Helen Adams Keller have stayed here before.

Here is my room.""

I booked a “Standard Type A” room, but it seemed the room was upgraded to the modern type room.""

The hotel was light up in the evening.Nikko Kanaya Hotel1


Now it was time for breakfast on the following day.""

The venue of breakfast was “Main Dining Room”.""

I was led to a table near the window.""

Here is my breakfast.Nikko Kanaya Hotel breakfast

I will walk around the hotel after breakfast.

To begin with, the door of the hotel entrance.""

Front desk, which was located neat the entrance.Nikko Kanaya Hotel2

I like this retro atmosphere.Nikko Kanaya Hotel3


Hotel lobby.""

There was a billiard table.""

View from the window of the hotel lobby.""



When I returned to the front desk, I came across a relative. As I mentioned in the first article of the Nikko trip series, there are several relatives who live in Nikko and to tell the truth, one of them has been working for Nikko Kanaya Hotel. I didn’t contact my relative in advance, but it seems my relative found my name in the hotel guest list. So now, my relative showed me around the hotel.

This is “BAR DACITE”.""

My relative kindly showed me the bar, though it usually opened in the evening.""

There were a variety of expensive liquors such as whiskey.""

There were also LP records in the bar.Nikko Kanaya Hotel4

“Main Dining Room”, in which I had a breakfast.""

The dining room was surrounded by photogenic objects.""

Nikko Kanaya Hotel5

There was also a small dining room. It used to be the main dining room when the hotel started its operation. Now it is mainly used for banquet.""

My relative showed me another type of room.""

There was a skating rink in the hotel.""

While it was used for skating rink during winter, it will turn to hot swimming pool in summer.Nikko Kanaya Hotel6

This is an exhibition room.""

There were a variety of exhibits related to Nikko Kanaya Hotel which has 140 years history.""

I went out of the hotel.""

This was “Annex building”.""

Other snaps.""

As final shots, I took photos in front of the main building.""

Then, I checked out Nikko Kanaya Hotel.Nikko Kanaya Hotel7


That’s it for the article about Nikko Kanaya Hotel where I stayed on the second day of my NikkoX trip.

When I go to travel, I usually decide accommodation based on its location and cost-effectiveness, so I don’t place emphasis on hotels so much. This time, however, I stayed at Nikko Kanaya Hotel for one night as I would like to enjoy atmosphere as a classic hotel, and I found such decision would be a good experience once in a while 🙂

In the next article, as the final article of Nikko trip series, I will write about Nikko Shinko Church, Kosugi Hoan Museum of Art and Matsuyashiki as part of Day 3.


1 Nikko Kanaya Hotel
2 Steakhouse Mihashi

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