Okinawa Trip without Car: Part 10: Sightseeing Bus Tour (4) Mihama American Village

沖縄 美浜アメリカンビレッジ アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Okinawa for four days and three nights. This time, I visited Okinawa Main Island, mainly Naha area. My concern was that I don’t drive, which might make my trip difficult, but I enjoyed the trip very much by using monorail and taking bus tours. In this article, I will write about Mihama American Village as part of Day 3.

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Following the previous post, this article is about “B-1 course Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Busena Underwater Observatory, Kouri Island and Mihama American Village Tour” in the Okinawa HIP HOP BUS operated by Jumbo Tours.

Mihama American Village

Now I arrived at Mihama American Village, the final destination of the bus tour. Mihama American Village is a shopping complex, which includes theater, supermarket, shops, restaurants, cafes and hotels.

Let’s start with walking around Mihama American Village.

When I got off the tour bus and entered into the property, I found a large ferris wheel, which is the landmark of Mihama American Village.Okinawa Mihama American Village1

There was a performer who played violin.""

There are several areas in American Village and here is “Carnival Park Mihama”.""


Around here, this is “American Depot”.""


Overall, signboards and displays of shops were colorful, which entertained me.Okinawa Mihama American Village2

Okinawa Mihama American Village3


From here, this is “Depot Island”.""

I found there were lots of visitors who seemed to be the US military personnel and their families.""

This street has exotic and open atmosphere.""



Okinawa Mihama American Village4

Okinawa Mihama American Village5

In American Village, there is a beach called “Sunset Beach”.Okinawa American Village Sunset Beach1

As the name suggests, Sunset Beach is famous as one of the best spots where visitors are able to watch beautiful sunset. So, I wish I had been there during sunset, but I found the current situation was beautiful enough.Okinawa American Village Sunset Beach2

Okinawa American Village Sunset Beach3

Okinawa American Village Sunset Beach4

I will have a dinner in American Village. There were a variety of restaurants in American Village and I chose “Pocke Farm”.Okinawa American Village Pocke Farm1

I ordered taco rice. I rarely have chances to eat taco rice in Tokyo, but I found it was delicious more than I expected.Okinawa American Village taco rice

There was about ten minutes left before the tour bus departed, so I took snap photos around the ferris wheel.Okinawa American Village ferris wheel1

Okinawa American Village ferris wheel2

Okinawa American Village ferris wheel3

T Galleria Okinawa (DFS)

Now the one-day bus tour was over. There were several drop-off points for the tour and I got off the tour bus at “T Galleria Okinawa (DFS)”.

Entrance of the building.T Galleria Okinawa (DFS)1

In the building.T Galleria Okinawa (DFS)2

T Galleria Okinawa (DFS)3

There were lots of luxury brand shops, but I just did window-shopping.T Galleria Okinawa (DFS)4

Kokusai Street Evening View

I returned to Prefectural Office Station, which was near the hotel, by monorail. I took snap photos around Kokusai street in the evening.Okinawa Kokusai Street evening1

Okinawa Kokusai Street evening2

Okinawa Kokusai Street evening3

Okinawa Kokusai Street evening4

Then, I stopped by “Yukisio Salt” shop and bought its ice cream.Yukisio Salt Ice Cream

Then, I returned to the hotel and the third day of my Okinawa trip was over.


That’s it for the article about Mihama American Village as part of Day 3 of my Okinawa trip.

To sum up the one-day bus tour, I was totally satisfied with it. I was a little bit worried about the tour company before joining the tour, because I didn’t find enough information on it. However, I found the tour was worth to me, because I was able to efficiently visit multiple spots where it was difficult to go without car. So, if you are especially interested in Churaumi Aquarium and Kouri Island, I recommend the Okinawa HIP HOP BUS operated by Jumbo Tours 🙂

In the next article, I will write about Sefa-utaki, Mibaru Beach and Himeyuri Peach Museum as part of Day 4.

If you would like to gather information on bus tours, I would recommend “Tabiplusone” since users are able to search for tour information across tour companies. For example, here is the link of the one-day bus tour I participated in.


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