Taiwan Kaohsiung Trip Part 12: Central Park Station (中央公園站)

台湾 高雄 中央公園駅 アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Kaohsiung, the second largest city in Taiwan for five days and four nights in the middle of September. I was impressed by Taiwan when I visited Taipei at the end of April, and I revisited Taiwan in less than a half year. I had some difficulties in gathering information compared to Taipei, but I found there were lots of things to do in Kaohsiung as well. In this article, I will write about Central Park Station as part of Day 4.

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Central Park Station (中央公園站)

I reached Central Park station as the last destination of the Taiwan Kaohsiung trip on the fourth day.""

Central Park station is located one stop south from Formosa Boulevard station where Red Line and Orange Line intersect each other. Formosa Boulevard station is famous for “Dome of Light”, which I visited on the first day (see the related article), while Central Park station also receives attention as it ranked fifth in terms of “The world most beautiful train station” by a US news site.

Here is the appearance of Central Park station and it was designed by a British architect Richard Rogers.Taiwan Kaohsiung Central Park station1

Now let’s walk around Central Park station. There is Shinkuchan Commercial District (新堀江商圏), which is said to be a source of young fashion in Kaohsiung. It looks like Ximending (西門町) in Taipei (see the related link).Taiwan Kaohsiung Shinkuchan Commercial District1

Taiwan Kaohsiung Shinkuchan Commercial District2

Taiwan Kaohsiung Shinkuchan Commercial District3

Again, I found “Kaohsiung bear Hero”,  which I often saw during this trip.Kaohsiung bear Hero

I dropped by “飛利浦豆花店” to take a rest.Kaohsiung kumquat douhua1

I had kumquat douhua (金桔豆花).Kaohsiung kumquat douhua2

I returned to Central Park station. As the name suggests, there was a park like this.Taiwan Kaohsiung Central Park1

Kaohsiung Milk King (高雄牛乳大王)

I will have a dinner around Central Park station. I visited Kaohsiung Milk King (高雄牛乳大王) for dinner.Taiwan Kaohsiung Milk King1

Kaohsiung Milk King (高雄牛乳大王) is famous for papaya milk drink (木瓜牛乳) and it also provides a variety of light meal.Taiwan Kaohsiung Milk King2

I ordered pork meat rice.Taiwan Kaohsiung Milk King3

Plus, I ordered papaya milk drink (木瓜牛乳).Taiwan Kaohsiung Milk King4

Central Park station (Light-up)

Now the sun went down, I will watch evening view around Central Park station. To begin with, I will watch the light-up of Central Park station.Taiwan Kaohsiung Central Park station light-up1

It resembled something out of a science fiction movie.Taiwan Kaohsiung Central Park station light-up2


Taiwan Kaohsiung Central Park station light-up3

Taiwan Kaohsiung Central Park station light-up4

There was a department store called “Ta Lees (大立百貨): main building” and “Star Place (大立精品): new annex” and it was light up in the evening.台湾 高雄 大立百貨1

There were lots of luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Prada.台湾 高雄 大立百貨2

台湾 高雄 大立百貨3

台湾 高雄 大立百貨4

台湾 高雄 大立百貨5

台湾 高雄 大立百貨6

I felt as if I were around Orchard road in Singapore (see the related article).台湾 高雄 大立百貨7

Then, I walked around Central Park.Taiwan Kaohsiung Central Park cafe

I found a young group who practiced dance.Taiwan Kaohsiung Central Park2

In addion, art works were exhibited as Urban Spotlight (城市光廊).Taiwan Kaohsiung Central Park Urban Spotlight1

Taiwan Kaohsiung Central Park Urban Spotlight2

Taiwan Kaohsiung Central Park Urban Spotlight3

I visited Shinkuchan Commercial District (新堀江商圏) again.Taiwan Kaohsiung Shinkuchan Commercial District evening1

Taiwan Kaohsiung Shinkuchan Commercial District evening2

Taiwan Kaohsiung Shinkuchan Commercial District evening3

I returned to Central Park station.Taiwan Kaohsiung Central Park station evening1

I just happened to see a woman who sang songs in front of the station.Taiwan Kaohsiung Central Park station evening2

Then, I moved back to Formosa Boulevard Station, which was the nearest station of the hotel, and watched lighting show. I will write about it in the next article.


That’s it for the article about Central Park Station as part of Day 4 of my Taiwan Kaohsiung trip.

Talking of art architectures in Kaohsiung, Formosa Boulevard Station is the most famous for its “Dome of light”, but I found Central Park station was also attractive. These two stations are just one stop away, so if you have a chance to visit Kaohsiung, I would recommend you visit both of them 🙂

In the next article, as the final article of the Taiwan Kaohsiung trip, I will write about Formosa Boulevard Station’s lighting show as part of Day 4 and returning home as part of Day 5.


1 Central Park Station
2 Shinkuchan Commercial District
3 飛利浦豆花店
4 Central Park
5 Kaohsiung Milk King
6 Ta Lees
7 Urban Spotlight

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