Hakodate winter trip Part 7: Kitajima Saburo Museum and Mashu-maru

北島三郎記念館 アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Hakodate, which is in the north of Japan, and is the largest city in southern Hokkaido, for three days and two nights. Overall I was satisfied with the trip, because I was able to take photos of winter Hakodate in both sunny and snowy conditions. In this article, I will write about Kitajima Saburo Museum and Mashu-maru etc. as part of Day 3.

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Breakfast at La Vista Hakodate Bay

The 3rd day, the final day, of my Hakodate trip has started. To begin with, I will have breakfast at La Vista Hakodate Bay, the hotel where I stayed. I arrived at the restaurant at 6:05 a.m., which was 15 minutes earlier than its operating hours, but I was surprised to see there were about 10 people waiting for breakfast.

While I chose Kaisen-don (Seafood rice bowl) just like yesterday, I picked up different foods such as western cuisine from the previous day.La Vista Hakodate Bay breakfast1

Kaisen-don (Seafood rice bowl).La Vista Hakodate Bay Kaisen-don (Seafood rice bowl)

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I checked out La Vista Hakodate Bay.La Vista Hakodate Bay

Morning walk (Bay area and Motomachi area)

Then, I walked around Bay area and Motomachi area. Here are some snap photos.

Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse.Hakodate Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse1

London bus.Hakodate London bus

Higashi Honganji Temple Hakodate Branch.Hakodate Higashi Honganji Temple Hakodate Branch

Motomachi Roman Catholic Church.Hakodate Motomachi Roman Catholic Church

Hakodate St. John’s Church.Hakodate Hakodate St. John’s Church

Hakodate Orthodox Church.Hakodate Hakodate Orthodox Church1

Hakodate Hakodate Orthodox Church2

Motomachi Park.Hakodate Motomachi Park

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Kitajima Saburo Museum

Then, I visited Kitajima Saburo Museum, which was located in the Winning Hotel at Bay area.""

Kitajima Saburo Museum is an amusement museum which shows Kitajima Saburo’s history etc. Since he is one of the most famous enka (Japanese ballad) singers in Japan, I decided to visit the museum.

The second floor was the history zone.

Pictures of his childhood.""

He went to high school at Hakodate by train.""

He determined to become a singer and moved to Tokyo.""

He sang songs at night clubs before becoming a professional singer.""

His younger days.Hakodate Kitajima Saburo Museum1

He also appeared on movies.""

His discography.""



The 3rd floor was the theater zone where his stage was reproduced.""

The robotic Saburo Kitajima appeared from underneath the stage set.""

He sang “Matsuri (Festival)”, one of his signature songs.Hakodate Kitajima Saburo Museum2




Then, I just went around the goods store on the 1st floor and left the museum.

Uni don at Uni Murakami

I moved to Hakodate station from Bay area by tram.Hakodate station

I just took a photo of a train.Hakodate station train

I will have a lunch at Uni Murakami located at the end of the Morning Market main street (naka-dori)..Hakodate Uni Murakami

Uni Murakami is famous for its additive-free Sea Urchin Rice Bowl (Uni don). I arrived at the restaurant 15 minutes before its operation and found several people queuing.

In the restaurant.""

I ordered additive-free Sea Urchin Rice Bowl (Uni don).Hakodate Uni Murakami Sea Urchin Rice Bowl (Uni don)1

Note: this was small size.Hakodate Uni Murakami Sea Urchin Rice Bowl (Uni don)2

If you are hungry, I would recommend regular size 🙂

Seikan Ferry Memorial Ship “Mashu-maru”

After lunch, I went to Seikan Ferry Memorial Ship “Mashu-maru”.Hakodate Seikan Ferry Memorial Ship Mashu-maru1

Mashu-maru was one of the Seikan railway ferries that operated between Hokkaido and Honshu until 1988. It has been moored at the Hakodate port as a memorial.

From the side of Mashu-maru.Hakodate Seikan Ferry Memorial Ship Mashu-maru2

Let’s go into the ship.""

Exhibitions such as history of Seikan Ferry.""

First class sheets.函館市青函連絡船記念館摩周丸 グリーン指定椅子席

Uniforms of staff.函館市青函連絡船記念館摩周丸 制服

Other snap photos.""



Cockpit.函館市青函連絡船記念館摩周丸 操舵室

View from the deck.函館市青函連絡船記念館摩周丸 甲板

Bay area

I returned to Bay area. Since I visited all of the places I planned to go to for this Hakodate trip, I will just relax before the departure.

I took a rest at Tea Room Kyu-Chaya-Tei.Hakodate Tea Room Kyu-Chaya-Tei1

The house of Tea Room Kyu-Chaya-Tei was originally built at the end of Meiji era and had been renovated as a cafe.Hakodate Tea Room Kyu-Chaya-Tei2

I ordered “Oshiruko (sweet red-bean soup)” set.Hakodate Tea Room Kyu-Chaya-Tei oshiruko (sweet red-bean soup)

Then, I went to Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse. I had taken photos of Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse so far, but I haven’t entered it, so I visited it. Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse consisted of several facilities.

First, Hakodate History Plaza.Hakodate Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse Hakodate History Plaza1

Hakodate Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse Hakodate History Plaza2

I bought one of them for souvenir.Hakodate Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse Hakodate History Plaza3

Kanemori Yobutsukan.Hakodate Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse Kanemori Yobutsukan

Bay Hakodate.Hakodate Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse Bay Hakodate1

Hakodate Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse Bay Hakodate2

In addition to Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse, I visited other facilities. For example, Hakodate-Meijikan,Hakodate Hakodate-Meijikan1

Hakodate Hakodate-Meijikan2

Hakodate Rusama-ya Sweets.Hakodate Hakodate Rusama-ya Sweets

I just took a short break at a Starbucks.Hakodate Starbucks

Now it was late afternoon and the sun was a little bit lightning.Hakodate Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse2

Hakodate Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse3

Hakodate Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse4

Then, I will take evening view photos before the departure and I will write about it in the next article.


That’s it for the article about Kitajima Saburo Museum and Mashu-maru etc. as part of Day 3.

In the next article, as the final article of the Hakodate trip series, I will write about evening view of Hachiman-Zaka Slope and Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse.


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