Hakodate winter trip Part 8 (Final): Last Supper at Lucky Pierrot and Evening View in Bay Area

函館 ベイエリア 金森赤レンガ倉庫 夕景 アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Hakodate, which is in the north of Japan, and is the largest city in southern Hokkaido, for three days and two nights. Overall I was satisfied with the trip, because I was able to take photos of winter Hakodate in both sunny and snowy conditions. In this article, I will write about last supper at Lucky Pierrot and evening view in Bay area as part of Day 3.

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This is the final article of my Hakodate trip series. Now I will have a dinner.

Last Supper at Lucky Pierrot

I visited Lucky Pierrot, Marina Suehiro brunch shop.Hakodate Lucky Pierrot1

Lucky Pierrot is a local fast food restaurant chain. GLAY, a famous Japanese lock band who came from Hakodate, often refers to Lucky Pierrot. Lucky Pierrot has got the 1st place of local burger ranking.

Lucky Pierrot has 17 shops with each own theme and the Marina Suehiro brunch shop has a theme of “Bay side restaurant pier”.

Let’s go into the shop.Hakodate Lucky Pierrot2


Hakodate Lucky Pierrot3

Hakodate Lucky Pierrot4

I ordered Chinese chicken burger, the most popular menu in Lucky Pierrot.Hakodate Lucky Pierrot Chinese chicken burger1

It sandwiched fried chicken and lettuce.Hakodate Lucky Pierrot Chinese chicken burger2

Evening View of Hachiman-Zaka Slope

I moved to Hachiman-Zaka Slope to see its evening view.

The light-up has just started.""

Since Hachiman-Zaka Slope is one of the most famous tourist spots, there were lots of visitors.""

I took photos of tourists as well as those of the slope.""

It was a good atmosphere, wasn’t it?Hakodate Hachiman-Zaka Slope evening view1

I just changed the color.Hakodate Hachiman-Zaka Slope evening view2

Evening View of Bay Area

I returned to Bay area. While there was not much time left before departure, I will take photos as much as possible.Hakodate Bay area evening view1

Main street.""



A tourist who took photos of Starbucks.Hakodate Bay area evening view2

Other snap photos.""




The clock was ticking.Hakodate Bay area evening view3



Hakodate Bay area bridge evening view

At the last minute, I took photos of Hakodate-Meijikan.Hakodate-Meijikan light-up1

Then, I left Bay area for Hakodate airport.Hakodate-Meijikan light-up2

Back to Home

It took about 30 minutes by bus from Bay area to the airport.Hakodate airport1

In the airport.Hakodate airport2

I returned to home.Hakodate airport3


That’s it for the article about last supper at Lucky Pierrot and evening view in Bay area etc. as part of Day 3.

To recap the trip, I believe Hakodate is one of the best tourist spots in Japan. The city is relatively small and tourists are easily able to go around tourist sports. In addition, food in Hakodate is delicious. I think tourists are able to enjoy Hakodate all year round, so I would like visit Hakodate again in different seasons 🙂

Now I completed all of the articles about Hakodate trip. Thank you for reading my blog!

Regarding my next trip, I have already arranged it. I am going to Hida Takayama and Shirakawa-go for three days and two nights from March 4 to 6. I have been there once before and I will be visiting it for the first time in 2.5 years. It will take some time to post my next article, but I will write it as soon as possible once I return from the next trip. So, stay tuned!


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  1. This was a really interesting series! I haven’t been to Hokkaido or north of Tokyo at all but your article is really inspiring. Now I really want to go to Hakodate – thank you for all the information.

    1. Hi Patrick, thank you for your comment again. Hakodate is quite unique and has lots of places to see. I hope you will have a chance to visit Hakodate 🙂

  2. I just finished reading all your Hakodate article series. Your blog is amazing, interesting, helpful, really awesome!! Love all your photos too! Well done and I hope you can appear in TV as a travel blogger one day 🙂

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