Kobe Trip Part 8: Kobe Oji Zoo

神戸市立王子動物園 アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Kobe in early March. In Kobe, major tourist spots such as bay area, Kitano Ijinkan-gai and Chinatown were concentrated, which was convenient for tourists. In this article, I will write about Kobe Oji Zoo as part of Day 3.

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[Travel Date]
2018.03.08 – 11

[Main Part]

Breakfast at Kobe Motomachi Tokyu Rei Hotel

The third day of my Kobe trip started. To begin with, I will have breakfast at Kobe Motomachi Tokyu Rei Hotel where I stayed.Kobe Motomachi Tokyu Rei Hotel breakfast1

As I mentioned in the previous day’s article, breakfast was served at a guest lounge on the 2nd floor with a buffet style.
Kobe Motomachi Tokyu Rei Hotel breakfast2

Although I had one more day for my trip, I will check out “Kobe Motomachi Tokyu Rei Hotel” to move to another hotel.Kobe Motomachi Tokyu Rei Hotel

Then, I moved to “Kobe Sannomiya Tokyu Rei Hotel”, the same hotel group.Kobe Sannomiya Tokyu Rei Hotel

Originally, I planed to stay at “Kobe Sannomiya Tokyu Rei Hotel” in Sannomiya (三宮), the central area of Kobe. However, the hotel was fully booked during some of my itineraries, so I booked “Kobe Motomachi Tokyu Rei Hotel” instead for the first two nights.

To recap “Kobe Motomachi Tokyu Rei Hotel”, it turned out my decision was good. The hotel was  located within walking distance of Bay Area, which I visited on the first day. In addition, the hotel was adjacent to Chinatown (南京町) and I could easily find places to eat.

Kobe Oji Zoo (神戸市立王子動物園)

On the third day of my Kobe trip, I considered extending my visit to Mt. Rokko if the weather was fine. Unfortunately, however, the weather forecast said it would be cloudy with rain, so alternatively I decided to go around zoos.

There are two zoos in Kobe, “Kobe Oji Zoo (神戸市立王子動物園)” and “Kobe Animal Kingdom (神戸どうぶつ王国)”.  In the morning, I visited “Kobe Oji Zoo (神戸市立王子動物園)”.Kobe Oji Zoo

“Kobe Oji Zoo (神戸市立王子動物園)” is a a municipal zoo in Kobe and was opened in 1951. The zoo has about 130 species of animals.

I will walk around the zoo referring to the map.Kobe Oji Zoo map

To begin with, elephants.Kobe Oji Zoo Elephant1

I heard they were “Asian Elephant”.
Kobe Oji Zoo Elephant2

Zoom-in.Kobe Oji Zoo Elephant3

I saw a female lion.Kobe Oji Zoo lion1

She yawned.Kobe Oji Zoo lion2

A jaguar. Generally speaking, we rarely have chances to see it in our lives, right?Kobe Oji Zoo jaguar

This was “Tantan (旦旦)”, a female giant panda.Kobe Oji Zoo giant panda1

She walked around actively more than I expected.Kobe Oji Zoo giant panda2


I just happened to see a feeding time.Kobe Oji Zoo giant panda3

She looked into my camera, didn’t she?Kobe Oji Zoo giant panda4

It started to rain around this time, which was earlier than I expected. I had to hold an umbrella in one hand, so I took photos only when I thought it was a good chance. Here are some snaps.

Kangaroos.Kobe Oji Zoo Kangaroo1

Kobe Oji Zoo Kangaroo2

Zebra.Kobe Oji Zoo zebra1

Kobe Oji Zoo giant zebra2

Crocodile.Kobe Oji Zoo Crocodile1

Kobe Oji Zoo Crocodile2

Tortoise.Kobe Oji Zoo tortoise

Iguana.Kobe Oji Zoo iguana

Cat.Kobe Oji Zoo cat

Prairie dog.""

It was eating its food with relish.Kobe Oji Zoo prairie dog1

Very cute.Kobe Oji Zoo prairie dog2

Ring-tailed Coati.Kobe Oji Zoo Ring-tailed Coati

Koala.Kobe Oji Zoo koala1

Koala is said to spend most of days on sleeping, but when I visited the zoo, it stayed awake.Kobe Oji Zoo koala2

Red Panda.Kobe Oji Zoo red panda1

On the contrary to Koala, I had an impression that Red Panda always moved around, so I had had difficulties in taking their photos so far, but this Red Panda was relatively calm.Kobe Oji Zoo red panda2

It seems he/she liked his/her tail.Kobe Oji Zoo red panda3

Chinese Pony.Kobe Oji Zoo Chinese pony

Sheep.Kobe Oji Zoo sheep1

All of them were very calm.Kobe Oji Zoo sheep2

Kobe Oji Zoo sheep3

I recalled “The Silence of the Lambs” 🙂Kobe Oji Zoo sheep4

Finally, two capybaras that were standing side-by-side.
Kobe Oji Zoo capybara


That’s it for the article about Kobe Oji Zoo as part of Day 3.

As I mentioned in the article, the zoo has about 130 species of animals from major animals such as elephants and lions to rare ones including jaguar. Actually, “Kobe Oji Zoo (神戸市立王子動物園)” is the only zoo in Japan where visitors are able to see giant panda and koala at the same time. The zoo is not so far from Sannomiya (三宮), the central area of Kobe, so if you are interested in the zoo, why don’t you visit it 🙂

In the next article, I will write about Kobe Animal Kingdom as part of Day 3.


1 Kobe Motomachi Tokyu Rei Hotel
2 Kobe Sannomiya Tokyu Rei Hotel
3 Kobe Oji Zoo

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