Kobe Trip Part 10: Rainy Evening Snaps

神戸 雨 アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Kobe in early March. In Kobe, major tourist spots such as bay area, Kitano Ijinkan-gai and Chinatown were concentrated, which was convenient for tourists. In this article, I will write about evening scene around Chinatown and Old Foreign Settlement as part of Day 3.

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[Travel Date]
2018.03.08 – 11

[Main Part]

Beef Cutlet @Grill Ippei (グリル一平)

I returned to Sannomiya (三宮). Now I will have dinner, though it was just around 5 p.m.

I visited “Grill Ippei (グリル一平)”, a traditional Western-style cuisine restaurant.Kobe Grill Ippei1

The restaurant featured rice omelet and beef cutlet etc.Kobe Grill Ippei2

I had corn soup, first.""

As a main dish, I ordered beef cutlet.Kobe Grill Ippei beef cutlet1

The beef cutlet was medium-rare and it was very delicious.Kobe Grill Ippei beef cutlet2

Kobe Rainy Evening Snaps

It has been raining since noon and I will take rainy evening photos around Sannomiya (三宮) area.

Kobe Sannomiya Center Street (神戸三宮センター街)

I started walking from “Kobe Sannomiya Center Street (神戸三宮センター街)” near Sannomiya (三宮) station.Kobe Sannomiya Center Street1

“Kobe Sannomiya Center Street (神戸三宮センター街)” is a shopping district between Sannomiya (三宮) and Motomachi (元町).Kobe Sannomiya Center Street2

It was an arcade, so visitors were able to enjoy strolling even on a rainy day.Kobe Sannomiya Center Street3

“BE KOBE”.""

I stayed at “Kobe Motomachi Tokyu Rei Hotel (神戸元町 東急REIホテル)” for the first two nights (see the related article), and when I moved from Sannomiya (三宮) to Motomachi (元町), I often passed the street.神戸三宮センター街4

Kobe Motomachi Shopping Street (神戸元町商店街)

Following “Kobe Sannomiya Center Street (神戸三宮センター街)”, there was another shopping district, “Kobe Motomachi Shopping Street (神戸元町商店街)”, and I went around it as well.Kobe Motomachi Shopping Street1

Just like “Kobe Sannomiya Center Street (神戸三宮センター街)”, “Kobe Motomachi Shopping Street (神戸元町商店街)” was also an arcade.Kobe Motomachi Shopping Street2

Kobe Motomachi Shopping Street3

Is this a mascot character of “Kobe Motomachi Shopping Street (神戸元町商店街)”?Kobe Motomachi Shopping Street4

Chinatown (南京町)

I came to Chinatown (南京町). I had visited Chinatown (南京町) during the daytime of the first day (see the related article), and this time I will take night photos.

Now it was around sunset and the Xi’an Gate (西安門) started light-up.Kobe Chinatown evening night1

Due to rain, it seemed the number of people was less than usual.Kobe Chinatown evening night2

But, the less crowded street enabled me to take photos easily.Kobe Chinatown evening night3


Nankinmachi Square (南京町広場).Kobe Chinatown evening night4

The rain weather created a magical atmosphere.Kobe Chinatown evening night5

Other snaps.""


Kobe Former Foreign Settlement (旧居留地)

Following Chinatown (南京町), I will take evening photos of “Kobe Former Foreign Settlement (旧居留地)”.Kobe Daimaru evening night1

I visited “Kobe Former Foreign Settlement (旧居留地)” in the daytime of the first day (see the related article), and this evening, I will focus on around Daimaru (大丸) department store due to the rain.Kobe Daimaru evening night2

Across Daimaru (大丸) department store, the entrance of “Kobe Motomachi Shopping Street (神戸元町商店街)” was lighted up colorfully.Kobe Motomachi Shopping Street evening night1

Daimaru (大丸) department store looked differently, when I saw it from other angles.Kobe Daimaru evening night3

There was a corridor around the building.Kobe Daimaru evening night4

It had a retro atmosphere.Kobe Daimaru evening night5

Daimaru (大丸) department store in Kobe is sometimes referred to as the most beautiful department store in Japan and I agree with this.Kobe Daimaru evening night6

Buildings around Daimaru (大丸) department store were also part of “Kobe Former Foreign Settlement (旧居留地)”.Kobe Former Foreign Settlement evening night1

There were a variety of luxury brand shops.""

A photo with a car’s tail lamp.Kobe Former Foreign Settlement evening night2

This intersection was the most impressive, so I took many photos with various angles.Kobe Former Foreign Settlement evening night3



Kobe Former Foreign Settlement evening night4


Kobe Former Foreign Settlement evening night5

Kobe Former Foreign Settlement evening night6

Finally, I took a photo of the entrance of “Kobe Motomachi Shopping Street (神戸元町商店街)” again and I left Motomachi (元町) and “Kobe Former Foreign Settlement (旧居留地)”.Kobe Motomachi Shopping Street evening night2

Sannomiya (三宮)

I returned to Sannomiya (三宮) where I have been staying. Along this “Ikuta Road”, there were lots of Kobe beef steak restaurants including “Mouriya”, which I visited on the previous day (see the related article).Kobe Sannomiya evening night1

Around Sannomiya station.Kobe Sannomiya evening night2

Kobe Sannomiya evening night3

I stopped by “Nishimura’s Coffee” for a rest.Kobe Nishimura’s Coffee1

I had a parfait.Kobe Nishimura’s Coffee2

Then, I returned to the hotel and the third day of my Kobe trip was over.


That’s it for the article about evening scene around Chinatown and Old Foreign Settlement as part of Day 3.

The third day of my Kobe trip resulted in a rainy day, which I did’t hope, but I found it was OK in the end. In particular, evening scenes in Chinatown (南京町) and “Kobe Former Foreign Settlement (旧居留地)” became more fantastic thanks to the rain and I was able to take dreamy photos 🙂

In the next article, I will write about Himeji Castle as part of Day 4.


1 Grill Ippei
2 Sannomiya Center Street
3 Kobe Motomachi Shopping Street
4 Nankin-machi
5 Daimaru Department Store
6 Nishimura’s Coffee

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