Otaru: North Canal, Otaru City Museum, Otaru Canal

小樽運河 アイキャッチ画像


I visited Otaru and Sapporo to see winter festivals – “Otaru Snow Light Path Festival (Otaru Yuki Akari no Michi)” and “Sapporo Snow Festival (Sapporo Yuki Matsuri)”.

It was a four-day three-night trip and in this article, I write about the second day.

* Day 1: Otaru (Sankaku Market – Otaru Canal – Sakaimachi Street – North Wall Street – Otaru Snow Light Path Festival)
* Day 2: Otaru (North Canal – Otaru City Museum) – Sapporo (Sapporo Snow Festival)
* Day 3: Sapporo (Former Hokkaido Government Office Building – Sapporo Clock Tower – Maruyama Zoo – Hokkaido Shrine – Shiroi Koibito Park)
* Day 4: Sapporo (Sapporo Central Wholesale Market – Sapporo Snow Festival – JR Tower Observatory – Sapporo Beer Museum – Sapporo Factory)

[Travel Date]
2015.02.08 – 11

[Main Part]

The second day morning. I checked out the hotel.ドーミーインPREMIUM小樽 写真

Just for your information, the hotel I stayed at was “Akari no Yu Dormy Inn Premium Otaru”. If you are interested in it, this article will be useful.

According to the weather forecast, it would snow. When I left the hotel, it was sunny rather than snowing.

However, it started to snow just 10 minutes after I left the hotel.

Anyway, I walked along North Canal.小樽 北運河 写真1

As times went on, it snowed heavily more and more.小樽 北運河 写真2

小樽 北運河 写真3

Stopped by a local market to take rest.小樽 鱗友朝市 写真1

小樽 鱗友朝市 写真2

Finally, I arrived at Otaru City Museum.小樽市総合博物館 写真1

The main exhibition is a steam locomotive.小樽市総合博物館 写真2

Other exhibitions.小樽市総合博物館 写真3

小樽市総合博物館 写真4

小樽市総合博物館 写真5

There was also an annex of the museum.小樽市総合博物館 運河館 写真1

小樽市総合博物館 運河館 写真2

小樽市総合博物館 運河館 写真3

小樽市総合博物館 運河館 写真4

小樽市総合博物館 運河館 写真5

The last lunch in Otaru. Otaru is famous for Sushi, so I went to a Sushi restaurant.小樽 すし処 浜谷 写真1

Here are photos of Sushi.小樽 すし処 浜谷 写真2

小樽 すし処 浜谷 写真3

小樽 すし処 浜谷 写真4

小樽 すし処 浜谷 写真5

小樽 すし処 浜谷 写真6

小樽 すし処 浜谷 写真7

After I left the Sushi restaurant, I found it stopped snowing and started to become sunny. When I visited Otaru Canal on the previous day, it was cloudy, but I hoped to take photos there on a sunny day with snow remaining on the ground. So, I visited Otaru Canal again.

Here are some of photos at Otaru Canal.小樽運河 写真1

小樽運河 写真2

小樽運河 写真3

小樽運河 写真4

Then, I left Otaru for Sapporo.小樽駅 写真

After I arrived at Sapporo, I went out to Sapporo Snow Festival. I will write about it in the next article.

To be continued.

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