Cherry blossoms at Zojoji temple with Tokyo Tower

増上寺 アイキャッチ


I visited Zojoji temple, Tokyo, to see cherry blossoms. It is said that cherry blossoms there glow a little earlier than other areas in Tokyo. So, that’s why I visited there when the cherry blossom season has not started fully. In addition, as Zojoji temple was located near Tokyo Tower, I was able to enjoy collaborations between cherry blossoms and Tokyo Tower.

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I arrived at the main gate of Zojoji temple.増上寺 写真 1

Let’s go into the temple.増上寺 桜 写真 1

As you can see, cherry blossoms with the combination of Tokyo Tower were beautiful.

増上寺 桜 写真 2

Red gate with cherry blossoms.増上寺 桜 写真 3

増上寺 桜 写真 4

Zooming cherry blossoms増上寺 桜 写真 5

増上寺 桜 写真 6

増上寺 桜 写真 7

Big bell with cherry blossoms増上寺 桜 写真 8

増上寺 桜 写真 9

増上寺 桜 写真 10

増上寺 桜 写真 11

Hondo (Main Hall) with Tokyo Tower増上寺 写真 2

増上寺 写真 3

増上寺 写真 4

増上寺 写真 5

Omikuji (paper fortune)増上寺 写真 6

Pictorial offering増上寺 写真 7

Ojizo-san (stone statue)増上寺 写真 8

増上寺 写真 9

増上寺 写真 10

There was a paid-area in the temple.増上寺 桜 写真 12

増上寺 桜 写真 13

増上寺 桜 写真 14

増上寺 桜 写真 15

At the back area of Hondo (Mail Hall)増上寺 桜 写真 16

増上寺 桜 写真 17

増上寺 桜 写真 18

Again, cherry blossosm with Tokyo Tower増上寺 桜 写真 19

増上寺 桜 写真 20


So, that’s it for the article about cherry blossoms at Zojoji temple. If you have a chance to visit Tokyo Tower, I would recommend that you stop by Zojoji temple 🙂

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