Hirosaki sightseeing spots 2: classic western-style buildings

Former Hirosaki City Library featured image


I traveled to Hirosaki City and Aomori City, Aomori Prefecture for four days and three nights. In this article, I will write about sightseeing spots in Hirosaki that are related to Western cultures.

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[Travel Dates]
2015.04.28 – 30

[Main part]

In the Meiji era, foreign teachers were invited to Hirosaki to teach English, so Hirosaki has inherited western cultures and there are plenty of classic western-style buildings.

Former Hirosaki City Library

The Former Hirosaki City Library was build in 1906 and used until 1931. Now as an Aomori Prefecture’s important property, the building is open to the public.Former Hirosaki City Library photo1

Former Hirosaki City Library photo2

Former Hirosaki City Library photo3

Former Hirosaki City Library photo4

Former Hirosaki City Library photo5

Too Gijyuku Gaijin Kyoshikan

Too Gijyuku Gaiji was the first private school in Aomori Prefecture. The school invited foreign teachers to teach English and this building was used as residence for foreign teachers and their families.Too Gijyuku Gaijin Kyoshikan photo1

Too Gijyuku Gaijin Kyoshikan photo2

Too Gijyuku Gaijin Kyoshikan photo3

Too Gijyuku Gaijin Kyoshikan photo4

Too Gijyuku Gaijin Kyoshikan photo5

Too Gijyuku Gaijin Kyoshikan photo6

Aomori Bank Memorial Hall

This was built in 1904 as the headquarters of the former 59th national bank. It has the western-style design while Japanese traditional techniques were used for its interior.Aomori Bank Memorial Hall photo1

Aomori Bank Memorial Hall photo2

Aomori Bank Memorial Hall photo3

Aomori Bank Memorial Hall photo4

Aomori Bank Memorial Hall photo5

Aomori Bank Memorial Hall photo6

Aomori Bank Memorial Hall photo7

Aomori Bank Memorial Hall photo8

Catholic Hirosaki Church

The church was built in 1910. Beautiful altar and stained glass were impressive.Catholic Hirosaki Church photo1

Catholic Hirosaki Church photo2

Catholic Hirosaki Church photo3

Catholic Hirosaki Church photo4

Catholic Hirosaki Church photo5

Restaurant Yamazaki

There are so many French restaurants in Hirosaki and “Restaurant Yamazaki” is the most famous. In particular, its cold soup is a speciality.Restaurant Yamazaki photo1

Restaurant Yamazaki photo2

Restaurant Yamazaki photo3

Restaurant Yamazaki photo4

Restaurant Yamazaki photo5


So far I have written four articles related to Hirosaki CIty. From the next two articles, I will write about Aomori City.

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