Light-up at Matsuyama Castle and a vegetable restaurant “SOH SOH”

松山城 ライトアップ アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Matsuyama, the capital of Ehime Prefecture, for 4 days and 3 nights. The main purpose of this trip was to watch Yuru-chara Grand Prix 2016 on the last 2 days. My favorite Milan, which is the mascot character of Ehime Prefecture, did not participate in the contest, but entertained other local mascot characters and the audience as a host of the event with Barysan, Imabari city’s mascot character. I also participated in a PR event for the Grand Prix and did some sightseeing. In this article, I will write about light-up at Matsuyama Castle and a vegetable restaurant “SOH SOH” as part of Day 2.

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Following the previous post, I will continue to go around Matsuyama Castle. While the castle tower is closed in the evening, Honmaru square is open until 9 p.m. Matsuyama Castle is lighted up every night, so I decided to watch it.

Evening view at Matsuyama Castle

To begin with, I watched evening view around sunset. Thanks to desirable conditions, I was able to take good photos of sunset.

Here it is.Matsuyama Castle sunset

Visitors around me looked at sunset admiringly. This was one of the best sunset I have ever seen for several years along with the sunset at Shimonada station (see the related artcile).

This was a view of Matsuyama city.Matsuyama city evening view

I took some silhouette photos of Matsuyama Castle.Matsuyama Castle evening view1

Matsuyama Castle evening view2


Matsuyama Castle evening view3

Here are normal photos of Matsuyama Castle.Matsuyama Castle evening view4

Matsuyama Castle evening view5

Night view at Matsuyama Castle

Now the sun went down and the light-up started.Matsuyama Castle night view1

Matsuyama Castle night view2

Matsuyama Castle night view3

Yoshiaki-kun, the mascot character of Matsuyama Castle.Matsuyama Castle night view4

Matsuyama Castle night view5

View of Matsuyama city.Matsuyama city night view ferris wheel

Matsuyama city night view

Light-up of Matsuyama Castle.Matsuyama Castle light-up

Around castle tower.""



Ferris wheel.""


Then, I left Matsuyama Castle.""

Dinner at vegetable restaurant “SOHSOH”

Now I returned to Ropeway street.Matsuyama ropeway street night view

The statue of Yoshiaki Kato, the first lord of Matsuyama Castle.""

I had a dinner at a vegetable restaurant “SOHSOH” on Ropeway street.""

The concept of this restaurant is “we will serve vegetables as much as possible”.""

In the restaurant.""

vegetable restaurant SOHSOH1

There were a variety of food menu and I ordered a set meal that included brown rice, salad, tofu hamburger and natto with avocado.vegetable restaurant SOHSOH2

I was satisfied with the resrautant for its food and good service.

After dinner, I moved back to the hotel and the second day of my trip was over.""


That’s it for the article about light-up at Matsuyama Castle as part of Day 2. This time, the light-up at Matsuyama Castle was a normal one, but I heard there were special versions sometimes, so I would like to watch it in the future 🙂

In the next article, I will write about the 1st day of Yuru-chara Grand Prix 2016.


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