Yuru-chara Grand Prix 2016 2nd day part 1

みきゃん えがおダンス アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Matsuyama, the capital of Ehime Prefecture, for 4 days and 3 nights. The main purpose of this trip was to watch Yuru-chara Grand Prix 2016 on the last 2 days. My favorite Milan, which is the mascot character of Ehime Prefecture, did not participate in the contest, but entertained other local mascot characters and the audience as a host of the event with Barysan, Imabari city’s mascot character. I also participated in a PR event for the Grand Prix and did some sightseeing. In this article, I will write about Yuru-chara Grand Prix 2016 (2nd Day part 1) as part of Day 4.

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It was the 4th day (i.e. the final day) of my trip to Matsuyama, Ehime. The main objective was to watch Yuru-chara Grand Prix 2016 and I went for a walk in the morning before it.

Walking around Matsuyama City station

It took about 10 minutes from the hotel I stayed to Matsuyama City station and I went around while taking pictures of trams.

Minami Horibata tram station.Matsuyama tram1

Matsuyma City station. Since it was the last startion, I was able to take a variety of photos.Matsuyama tram2

Matsuyama tram3

Matsuyama tram4

Personally, I like the tram in Matsuyama city the best among trams in local cities in Japan 🙂

Hotel JAL City Matsuyama

I checked out the hotel. This time, I stayed at Hotel JAL City Matsuyama.Hotel JAL City Matsuyama

The biggest reason I chose Hotel JAL City Matsuyama was because the hotel was close to the site of Yuru-chara Grand Prix 2016 (Shiroyama Park), and other than it, I found the hotel was easily accesssible to public transportation.

In addition to that, the hotel had a variety of menu for its buffet breakfast.Hotel JAL City Matsuyama breakfast1

Hotel JAL City Matsuyama breakfast2

Hotel JAL City Matsuyama breakfast3

When treveling to Matsuyama, many travellers stay at either Dogo Onsen area or Okaido, the largest entartainment area in Matsuyama, but I also recommend Hotel JAL City Matsuyama in Nishi Horibata.

Yuru-chara Grand Prix 2016

Now I started to watch Yuru-chara Grand Prix 2016, 2nd day (final day). Although I arrived at the site about  20 minutes before the event started, there was already a long queue.

Ambassador Stage (Barysan and Kumamon)

As the first event in the morning, ambassador stages were held by Barysan and Kumamon, both of whom had got the grand prix before. To begin with, there was a Barysan’s show.Yuru-chara Grand Prix Barysan1

A woman on the right side had Barysan’s frieind, “Iyonosukesan”.Yuru-chara Grand Prix Barysan2

Barysan wore a crown, a belly-warmer tie and a wallet.Yuru-chara Grand Prix Barysan3

Zoom in Barysan.Yuru-chara Grand Prix Barysan4

Then, Kumamon’s show. Before the show, Kumamon went down to the stage and communicated with audience.Yuru-chara Grand Prix Kumamon1

Yuru-chara Grand Prix Kumamon2

Now Kumamon’s show started.Yuru-chara Grand Prix Kumamon3

This time, Kumamon’s friend, Korokun joined the event.Koro-kun1

First, Kumamon was introduced.Koro-kun2

Then, Korokun was introduced.Koro-kun3

Kumamon and Korokun danced together to the music of “Kumamon Exercise”.Kumamon Koro-kun1

Kumamon Koro-kun2

Kumamon Koro-kun3

Kumamon Koro-kun4

Kumamon Koro-kun5

Despite their chubby body, their dance was so fast and energetic.

PR time for corporate sponsors

After ambassador stage by Baryand and Kumamon, there was PR time for corporate sponsors and I continued to watch it for a while. First, “Panjakun”, Japan Agricultural (JA) Co-operatives Bank Ehime’s character. Mican1

Mican joined the stage.Mican2

Next, “Solato-kun”, Taikyo Oil’s character. Since the company had a branch in Imabari, Barysan also appeared on the stage.Barysan

I moved to the goroumet zone to have a quick and early lunch.谷本蒲鉾店

I ate “Jakoten Katsu Rice Burger”.谷本蒲鉾店 じゃこカツライスバーガー

Yuru-chara sports festival (Egao Dance)

After lunch, I moved to Shiroyama stage to watch Yuru-chara sports festival.Mican Egao Dance1

Yuru-chara sports festival was held to promote National Sports Fesrtival which will be held in Ehime Prefecture next year. On the 2nd day, local mascot characters danced “Egao Dance”, the official dance of National Sports Fesrtival.

Here are snap photos.Mican Egao Dance2

Mican Egao Dance3

Mican Egao Dance4

Mican Egao Dance5

Mican Egao Dance6

Other snaps

After Yuru-chara sports festival (Egao Dance), I walked around each booth.愛のくにえひめ営業本部ブース



フクロー あわブタ




ハッピーニンジェルズ モーリィ

出世大名家康くん 出世法師直虎ちゃん


Yuru-chara collection

When I moved back to Shiroyama stage, a fashion show (“Yuru-chara collection”) was held. Local mascot characters were divided into two groups and here are group photos.

The first group.Yuru-chara Grand Prix1


The second group.""

Yuru-chara Grand Prix2

I continued to watch Yuru-chara Grand Prix 2016 and write about the rest of part in the next article.


That’s it for the article about Yuru-chara Grand Prix 2016 2nd day part 1 as part of Day 4. Here is the official video of “Egao Dance”.

And this is another version where Mican and Dark Mican danced.

In the next article, I will write about Yuru-chara Grand Prix 2016 (2nd Day part 2) .


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