Hong Kong Trip Part 5: Street Art at Sheung Wan (上環) and Central (中環)

香港 ウォールアート アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Hong Kong for five days and four nights in the end of November for the first time in five years. While there is a lot of scenery which has been unchanged, I find out something new whenever I visit Hong Kong. In this article, I will write about Sheung Wan (上環) and Central (中環) as part of Day 2.

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Dim Sum (飲茶) at Lin Heung Kui (蓮香居)

Following the previous post, I moved from Kennedy Town (堅尼地城) to Sheung Wan (上環) and Central (中環) area by tram and got off near ibis Hotel.Hong Kong tram1

Although it was a little bit far to the central area of Sheung Wan, I just found there was a famous dim sum restaurant, Lin Heung Kui (蓮香居), around here, so I dropped off to have a lunch.

In the restaurant. I expected there were not so many customers as it was just past 11 a.m., but the restaurant was already almost occupied.Hong Kong Lin Heung Kui1

While many of the dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong adopt order sheet system recently, Lin Heung Kui keeps traditional wagon style.

I picked up three dishes.Hong Kong Lin Heung Kui2

Hong Kong Lin Heung Kui3

Hong Kong Lin Heung Kui4

Street Art around Sheung Wan (上環) and Central (中環) 

I will walk around Sheung Wan (上環) and Central (中環) area after lunch. In recent years, street art works have been displayed from Hollywood Road (荷季活道) to Graham Street (嘉咸街), so I will mainly go around these streets.

To begin with, I took photos of trams.Hong Kong tram2

The building behind the trams was Western Market (西港城).Hong Kong Western Market1

Western Market was built in 1906 and one of the oldest buildings in Hong Kong.Hong Kong Western Market2

Hong Kong trams have a variety of designs, so I never get tired of watching them. Hong Kong tram3

Now I arrived around Hollywood Road.Hong Kong Hollywood Road1

The first street art I watched was Bruce Lee.Hong Kong street art bruce lee

Near the art work of Bruce Lee, there was Man Mo Temple (文武廟), a Taoist temple.Hong Kong Man Mo Temple1

In the temple.Hong Kong Man Mo Temple2

There were several sloping alleys around Hollywood Road.Hong Kong Hollywood Road2

Hong Kong Hollywood Road3

Hong Kong slope1

Hong Kong slope2

Hong Kong slope3

Here is Kau Kee Restaurant (九記牛腩), a famous restaurant for its beef noodle.Hong Kong Kau Kee Restaurant

This is “PMQ”, a shopping mall opened in 2014.Hong Kong PMQ1

There were a variety of shops by artists, designers and creators.Hong Kong PMQ2

Several street works were exhibited at a point where Hollywood Road and Graham Street intersected.Hong Kong wall art1

Personally, I like this female wall art.Hong Kong wall art2

The most famous street art around here was the one that depicted Kowloon Walled City.Hong Kong wall art3

A couple who took their wedding photos.Hong Kong wall art4

A lot of visitors gathered to take photos.Hong Kong wall art5

I moved up the slope of Graham Street and found such a fancy shop.Hong Kong wall art6

I left Graham Street and walked around the surrounding area. This is Mid-Levels Escalator.Hong Kong Mid-Levels Escalator

Along Mid-Levels Escalator, there were lots of shops with art works.Hong Kong slope wall art1

Hong Kong slope wall art2

Lan Kwai Fong, one of the most famous night spot areas in Hong Kong.Hong Kong Lan Kwai Fong

Now I reached a downtown area of Central.Hong Kong Central1

Hong Kong Central2

This is “The Landmark (置地廣場)”, a shopping mall that directly connects to MTR Central station.Hong Kong Central The Landmark

Here is “IFC MALL (国際金融中心商場)”, another shopping mall.Hong Kong IFC MALL

Then, I will move up to Peak Tower, though the weather was not so good.


That’s it for the article about Sheung Wan (上環) and Central (中環) as part of Day 2 of my Hong Kong trip.

There are a variety of street art works in Sheung Wan and Central area, whcih are especially suitable for Instagrams. Speaking of street art, wall arts at Penang (Malaysia) which I visited two years ago are also very attractive. If you are interested in it, please see the related article.


In the next article, I will write about Peak Tower and night view at Central.


1 Lin Heung Kui
2 Western Market
3 Hollywood Road
4 Man Mo Temple
5 Kau Kee Restaurant
7 Graham Street
8 Mid-Levels Escalator
9 Lan Kwai Fong
10 The Landmark

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