Hong Kong Trip Part 7: Ocean Park (海洋公園) with Pandas

香港 海洋公園(オーシャンパーク) アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Hong Kong for five days and four nights in the end of November for the first time in five years. While there is a lot of scenery which has been unchanged, I find out something new whenever I visit Hong Kong. In this article, I will write about Ocean Park (海洋公園) as part of Day 3

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Breakfast at Sweet Dynasty (糖朝)

The third day of my Hong Kong trip started. To begin with, I visited Sweet Dynasty (糖朝) to have a breakfast.Hong Kong Sweet Dynasty

Sweet Dynasty (糖朝) is a sweets restaurant. It has expanded its business to Japan since 2002 and now has about 10 branches.

Sweet Dynasty is famous as a leading restaurant of Hong Kong sweets, so I ordered some sweets.Hong Kong Sweet Dynasty sweets

Go to Ocean Park by MTR South Island Line

I will visit Ocean Park (海洋公園) after breakfast. MTR South Island Line has started its operation between Admiralty and South Horizons since December 28, 2016, which increases accessibility to Ocean Park.

I moved from Tsim Sha Tsui to Admiralty and then transferred to South Island Line.Hong Kong MTR South Island Line

I arrived at Ocean Park station.Hong Kong Ocean Park station

Just after I went out of the station, there was an entrance of Ocean Park.Hong Kong Ocean Park1

Ocean Park is a multi-complex park that opened in 1977. It has zoo, aquarium and amusement park etc. and consists of two areas, “The Waterfront” and “The Summit”.Hong Kong Ocean Park map

The Waterfront

To begin with, I started to walk around the Waterfront area.Hong Kong Ocean Park2

First, I visited “Grand Aquarium”.Hong Kong Ocean Park Aquarium1

Hong Kong Ocean Park Aquarium2

Hong Kong Ocean Park Aquarium3

Hong Kong Ocean Park Aquarium4

Hong Kong Ocean Park Aquarium5

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There are two pandas in Ocean Park. When I visited the park, one of them was sleeping but the other stayed awake.Hong Kong Ocean Park panda1

He/she was eating feeds.Hong Kong Ocean Park panda2

Talking of panda, when I visited River Safari in Singapore before, both of two pandas were sleeping, so I was lucky this time.

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In addition to pandas, the park had a variety of animals.Hong Kong Ocean Park3

Hong Kong Ocean Park4

There was “Old Hong Kong”, a street that recreated old days in Hong Kong.Hong Kong Ocean Park Old Hong Kong1

Hong Kong Ocean Park Old Hong Kong2

A acrobatic show was performed at the square.""

Now I will have a lunch. I stopped by “Panda Cafe”.Hong Kong Ocean Park Panda Cafe1

I ordered Taiwanese beef noodle.Hong Kong Ocean Park Panda Cafe2

The Summit

I will move from the Waterfront area to the Summit area. Trains (Oceans Express) and cable cars are available to move between two areas and I chose Oceans Express.Hong Kong Ocean Park Ocean Express1

The concept of Ocean Express is a submarine that moves underseas.Hong Kong Ocean Park Ocean Express2

Just like the Waterfront area, the Summit area had cute animals. For example, penguins.""

I just happened to see a feeding time.Hong Kong Ocean Park penguin

Seal. It was so big.""

This is arctic white fox.Hong Kong Ocean Park arctic white fox

As the name suggests, the Summit area is located at the top of a mountain, so visitors were able to enjoy beautiful scenery.Hong Kong Ocean Park cable car1

Now I will return. This time, I used the cable car to go back to the Waterfront area.""

View from the cable car.Hong Kong Ocean Park cable car2

Although the weather was not so good overall, the sky became sunny around this time.Hong Kong Ocean Park5

Then, I left Ocean Park and moved to the next destination.


That’s it for the article about Ocean Park (海洋公園) as part of Day 3 of my Hong Kong trip.

As far as I heard, Ocean Park is more popular than Disney Land in Hong Kong, but it was inconvenient for foreign tourists to visit it, because the access to the park used to be either bus or car. However, since MTR South Island Line opened at the end of 2016, it has been more easily accessible. In particular, it would be suitable for young families with kids 🙂

FYI: “KKday” offers a discount ticket for Ocean Park. So if you are interested it, please check the following link.


In the next article, I will write about Montane Mansion, North Point and Causeway Bay as part of Day 3.


1 Sweet Dynasty
2 Ocean Park

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