Hong Kong Trip Part 13 (Final): Hong Kong Museum of History and Return Home with Hong Kong Airlines

香港航空 アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Hong Kong for five days and four nights in the end of November for the first time in five years. While there is a lot of scenery which has been unchanged, I find out something new whenever I visit Hong Kong. In this article, I will write about Hong Kong Museum of History and return home as part of Day 5.

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The Salisbury-YMCA of Hong Kong

It was the fifth day, the final day of my Hong Kong trip. To begin with, I will have a breakfast.

Although I booked my accommodation without breakfast, the hotel gave me a coupon for breakfast for one time use, so I decided to take a breakfast in the hotel (“The Salisbury-YMCA of Hong Kong”).YMCA Hong Kong breakfast1

The hotel restaurant provided a buffet breakfast that included both Chinese and Western cuisine.YMCA Hong Kong breakfast2

This is a second plate.YMCA Hong Kong breakfast3

I will check out “The Salisbury-YMCA of Hong Kong”.YMCA Hong Kong

To review “The Salisbury-YMCA of Hong Kong”, it was value for money. Considering its convenient location in Tsim Sha Tsui (尖沙咀) and facility, I can not complain about its price.

Bad Weather

I had some free time to go sightseeing in the morning, but unfortunately it was the bad weather.

Although I went to the promenade along Victoria Harbor, I was not able to see buildings clearly due to poor visibility.""

When I reached Chungking Mansions, it started to rain.""

Hong Kong Museum of History (香港歴史博物館)

At first, I planed to walk around Canton road for shopping if the weather was fine, but I changed my plan and visited “Hong Kong Museum of History (香港歴史博物館)”, instead.""

“Hong Kong Museum of History (香港歴史博物館)” is a museum that shows and preserves Hong Kong’s historical and cultural heritage. Permanent exhibits, which included photos, dolls, figure models, clothes and domestic utensils, were divided from 1-8 areas chronologically.

Here are some photos in the museum.Hong Kong Museum of History1


Hong Kong Museum of History2




Hong Kong Museum of History3


I made an unscheduled stop here, but found it was interesting more than I expected.""

Hong Kong International Airport (香港国際空港)

Now I will move to the airport. I went to Kowloon station and took Airport Express.""

I arrived at Hong Kong International Airport.Hong Kong International Airport1

As I had some free time, I took photos in the airport.Hong Kong International Airport2



I will use Hong Kong Airlines for my return flight as with the outbound flight.""

Hong Kong Airlines is categorized as full-service carriers along with Cathay Pacific Airways in Hong Kong airline companies. However, while check-in counters of Cathay Pacific Airways are located in the middle of the departure lobby in the airport, I was a little bit surprised to see those of Hong Kong Airlines are located at the edge of the departure lobby.

After passing immigration, I took photos again around departure gates.Hong Kong International Airport3

Singapore Airlines. It brings back sone memories.Singapore Airlines A380

Taking of Singapore Airlines, I flew in business class at my own expense two year ago.

“Flying to Singapore with Singapore Airlines’ business class”Singapore Airlines

I will have a lunch at a foodcourt in the airport. As I was inspired by Singapore Airlines, I ordered Hainanese chicken rice, one of the representative local foods in Singapore.Chicken Rice

Since my flight will be departed from “Midfield Concourse”, a satellite terminal, I moved there by train.""

I reached “Midfield Concourse”.""

While there were so many passengers in the main terminal, “Midfield Concourse” was relatively calm.""

Although “Midfield Concourse” was a little bit far from the mail terminal, there was an observation deck where visitors were able see aircrafts. For example, Singapore Airlines.""

This is Hong Kong Airlines.Hong Kong Airlines1

It just took off.Hong Kong Airlines2

Other snaps.""


Return to Japan with HX610

It’s time to start boarding.  My return flight was Hong Kong Airlines Flight 610 (HX610).""

This was the code-sharing flight with Royal Brunei Airlines (BI3403). I just recall I used Royal Brunei Airlines when I moved from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Brunei three years ago (see the related article).

The aircraft was A330 just same with the outbound flight.Hong Kong Airlines3

I don’t know when I will visit Hong Kong next time, but I will leave.""

Take off.Hong Kong Airlines aircraft1

In-flight meal.Hong Kong Airlines meal1

I think the in-flight meal of the return flight was more delicious than that of the outbound flight. In particular, the dessert tofu (豆腐花) below was good.Hong Kong Airlines meal2

This is just an aside, but cabin attendants of Hong Kong Airlines Flight 610 (HX610) had good figures as a whole. In particular, a cabin attendant was one of the most beautiful CAs I have ever seen 🙂

I saw the sun went down over the window.Hong Kong Airlines aircraft2

Then, I arrived at Narita Airport on time and returned to my home.Hong Kong Airlines aircraft3


That’s it for the article about Hong Kong Museum of History and return home as part of Day 5 of my Hong Kong trip.

To summarize the Hong Kong trip, I found some things stayed unchanged while others were ever-changing, so it was very interesting. For example, Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui and trams were the same with what I had seen before. On the other hand, new tourist spots, just like wall arts around Sheung Wan and Central, have been coming out every year. So I would like to visit Hong Kong again in the years ahead. At the same time, I would like to visit Macau which I have never been to for more than six years in the near future 🙂

Now my Hong Kong trip series with 13 articles was completed. Thank you for reading my blog.

Regarding my next trip, I have already arranged it. As my first trip in 2018, I am going to Nikko (Japan) from February 18 to 20. My blog will not be updated for the time being, but once I return from Nikko, I will start the next series, so stay tuned 🙂


1 The Salisbury-YMCA of Hong Kong
2 Hong Kong History of Museum
3 Kowloon station
4 Hong Kong International Airport

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