Going to Iwakuni Castle along with Kintaikyo Bridge

Iwakuni Castle featured image


I traveled to Iwakuni, Miyajima and Hiroshima for 3 days and 2 nights in early December. In this article, I will write about Iwakuni Castle.

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Moving Kintaikyo Bridge to Iwakuni Castle

I moved from Kintaikyo Bridge to Iwakuni Castle.Iwakuni Kikko Park

I rode on ropeway to go to the castle.Iwakuni Ropeway1

Iwakuni Ropeway2

Then, I walked for about five minutes.""


Iwakuni Castle

Now I arrived at Iwakuni Castle.""

Family emblems of the castle owner were embedded in the tile.""

I will go inside the castle.""

Display of Kintaikyo Bridge.""

View from the top of the castle.""

After observing the inside of the castle, I went around the castle.Iwakuni Castle1

Stone wall.""


I took several photos of the castle from various angles.Iwakuni Castle2







There were also autumn leaves near the castle.""





Then, I left Iwakuni Castle and wend back.""


Soft cream at Sasaki-ya Kojiro Shoten

Before I left Iwakuni, I bought a soft cream at Sasaki-ya Kojiro Shoten, as there were many shops that sold soft cream around there.Iwakuni Kintaikyo Bridge Sasaki-ya Kojiro Shoten Soft Cream1

There were many variety of soft creams.Iwakuni Kintaikyo Bridge Sasaki-ya Kojiro Shoten Soft Cream2

I bought “CREMIA”, which a shop staff recommended.Iwakuni Kintaikyo Bridge Sasaki-ya Kojiro Shoten Soft Cream3


That’s it for the article about Iwakuni Castle. As I mentioned in the previous article, there is a combination ticket for Kintaikyo Bridge, Ropeway and Iwakuni Castle, so if you have a chance to visit Iwakuni, I would recommend you visit Kintaikyo Bridge and Iwakuni Castle first.

Now, I left Iwakuni and moved to Miyajima. From the next article, I will write about Miyajima. In particular, my main objective of this trip was to visit Itsukushima Shrine in Miyajma, so I will write about Itsukushima Shrine in three articles – (1) daytime with high tide, (2) daytime with low tide and (3) evening and night 🙂
(To be continued)


  1. こんにちは。

    1. j-maさんへ。はじめまして、コメントありがとうございます!なんと、岩国城の展望台からは新幹線の新岩国駅も見えたのですね。錦帯橋・岩国城までは新幹線ではなく、飛行機で錦帯橋空港からバスで行ったため、位置関係をあまり把握できておらず、「ああ〜、錦帯橋が見えるなあ」で終わっていました(苦笑)。

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