Going to Kumamoto with Kyushu Reconstruction Discount Tickets: Part 8 Revisit Kumamoto Castle

熊本城 アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Kumamoto using “Kyushu Fukko Wari” (Kyushu Reconstruction Discount Tickets). Since I was impressed with Kumamon (the local mascot character of Kumamoto Prefecture) at Yuru-chara Grand Prix 2016, I decided to visit Kumamoto to see how reconstruction has been moving forward after the strong earthquake. In this article, I will write about revisiting Kumamoto Castle as part of Day 3.

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[Travel Date]
2016.12.22 – 24

[Main Part]

My Kumamoto trip was near to the end. I decided to visit Kumamoto Castle again to take its photos with sunny conditions.

Revisit Kumamoto Castle

The statue of Kiyomasa Kato.Kumamoto Castle Kiyomasa Kato

Miyuki Bridge.Kumamoto Castle Miyuki Bridge

Josaien.Kumamoto Castle Josaien

Sakuranokoji.Kumamoto Castle Josaien Sakuranokoji1

Kumamoto Castle Josaien Sakuranokoji2

Kumamoto Castle Josaien Sakuranokoji3

Hitsuji Saru Turret.Kumamoto Castle Hitsuji Saru Turret1

Kumamoto Castle Hitsuji Saru Turret2

Ninomaru Park.Kumamoto Castle Ninomaru Park

View of the main castle tower from Ninomaru Park.Kumamoto Castle tower1

Kumamoto Castle tower2

The left side is Inui Turret.Kumamoto Castle Inui Turret1

Several photos with different angles.Kumamoto Castle Inui Turret2

Kumamoto Castle Inui Turret3

Kumamoto Castle Inui Turret

I arrived at Kato Shrine.Kumamoto Castle Kato Shrine

I just happened to see a wrapping car of Kumamon.Kumamon1


View of the main castle tower from Kato Shrine.Kumamoto Castle Kato Shrine tower1

Kumamoto Castle Kato Shrine tower2

Kumamoto Castle Kumamon


I left Kumamoto Castle and walked around the downtown area of Kumamoto.

A large painting of Kumamon.Kumamoto Kumamon

City trams.Kumamoto City Tram1

Kumamoto City Tram2

Kumamoto Baniku Yoko-cho

Now I will have my last supper dinner in Kumamoto. Horse meat products is a local favorite in Kumamoto, so I decided to have it.

I visited “Kumamoto Baniku Yoko-cho”.Kumamoto Baniku Yoko-cho1

In the restaurant.""

Since this is one of the most popular restaurants of horse meat products in Kumamoto, there were a lot of autographs of famous people.""

I ordered a hot pot of horse meat.Kuamoto Horse meat1

Kuamoto Horse meat2

Let’s eat!Kuamoto Horse meat3

Horse meat is healthier than other meat products (low calorie, low fat and high protein), so I like it 🙂


That’s it for the article about revisiting Kumamoto Castle as part of Day 3. I visited Kumamoto Castle the day before, but it was cloudy and I was a little bit disappointed with the weather. This time, I was happy to take photos of Kumamoto Castle with sunny conditions 🙂

In the next article, I will write about evening view of Kumamoto Castle as the final article of my Kumamoto trip.


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