Going to Kumamoto with Kyushu Reconstruction Discount Tickets: Part 5 Night Walk in Kumamoto

熊本 下通 アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Kumamoto using “Kyushu Fukko Wari” (Kyushu Reconstruction Discount Tickets). Since I was impressed with Kumamon (the local mascot character of Kumamoto Prefecture) at Yuru-chara Grand Prix 2016, I decided to visit Kumamoto to see how reconstruction has been moving forward after the strong earthquake. In this article, I will write about night walk in Kumamoto as part of Day 2.

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[Travel Date]
2016.12.22 – 24

[Main Part]

When I left coffee shop “Arrow”, it was about 5:30 p.m. and getting dark. Now I will take night view photos in Kumamoto.

Night Walk 1 (City Tram)

As I didn’t take photos of trams so much during daytime due to bad weather, I am going to take their pictures.

From a pedestrian bridge near Hanabatake-cho station.Kumamoto City Tram1

Kumamoto City Tram2

This photo was taken at Kumamoto Castle and City Hall station.Kumamoto City Tram3

At the observation lobby of the city hall, visitors are able to watch Kumamoto Castle.Kumamoto City Hall observation lobby

The photo below was taken near Torichosuji station.Kumamoto Tram COCORO1

This train was called “COCORO” and I will ride it the next day.Kumamoto Tram COCORO2

Taipiien (Vermicelli Soup) at Kourantei

I visited Kourantei, a Chinese restaurant, to have a dinner.Kumamoto Kourantei

I ordered Taipiien (Vermicelli Soup), one of the famous local cuisine in Kumamoto.Kumamoto Taipiien (Vermicelli Soup)

I also used a coupon ticket to get free almond jelly.熊本城下町☆おトクーぽん

Night Walk 2 (Downtown Area)

I will restart to go for a night walk in Kumamoto. I walked around downtown area.

Kamitori Shopping Arcade.Kumamoto night Kamitori Shopping Arcade1

Kumamoto night Kamitori Shopping Arcade2

Tsuruya Department Store and a decorated tram.Kumamoto Tsuruya Department Store1

Kumamoto Tsuruya Department Store2

Shimotori Shopping Arcade.Kumamoto night Shimotori Shopping Arcade1

Kumamoto night Shimotori Shopping Arcade2

Kumamoto night Shimotori Shopping Arcade3

Light-up in Kumamoto Castle

I also visited Kumamoto Castle and Josaien, since I heard they were lighted up in the evening.

To begin with, Josaien.Kumamoto Josaien light-up1

Wagasa (Japanese umbrella) was illuminated.Kumamoto Josaien light-up2

“Sakuranokoji” where there were 23 souvenir shops and restaurants.Kumamoto Sakuranokoji light-up1

Kumamoto Sakuranokoji light-up2

Kumamoto Sakuranokoji light-up3

Then, I strolled around Kumamoto Castle. This is “Hitsuji Saru Turret”.Kumamoto Castle light-up1

Main castle tower from Ninomaru Park.Kumamoto Castle light-up2

Kumamoto Castle light-up3

View from Kato shrine.Kumamoto Castle Kato Shrine light-up1

Kumamoto Castle Kato Shrine light-up2

Kumamoto Castle Kato Shrine light-up3

Sunroad Shinshigai Arcade

After I left Kumamoto Castle, I took snap photos of Sunroad Shinshigai Arcade near the hotel where I stayed.Kumamoto Sunroad Shinshigai1

Kumamoto Sunroad Shinshigai2

With Kumamon.Kumamoto Sunroad Shinshigai3

Then, I returned to the hotel and the 2nd day of my Kumamoto trip was over.


That’s it for the article about night walk in Kumamoto as part of Day 2. When I walked around illuminated downtown area of Kumamoto and lighted-up Kumamoto Castle, I realized reconstruction after the earthquake was stepping forward 🙂

In the next article, I will write about Kumamoto Suizenji, which I visited on the 3rd day in the morning.


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