Going to Kumamoto with Kyushu Reconstruction Discount Tickets: Part 2 Kumamoto Castle

熊本城 アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Kumamoto using “Kyushu Fukko Wari” (Kyushu Reconstruction Discount Tickets). Since I was impressed with Kumamon (the local mascot character of Kumamoto Prefecture) at Yuru-chara Grand Prix 2016, I decided to visit Kumamoto to see how reconstruction has been moving forward after the strong earthquake. In this article, I will write about Kumamoto Castle as part of Day 2.

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[Travel Date]
2016.12.22 – 24

[Main Part]

The 2nd day of my Kumamoto trip has started.

Breakfast at Dormy Inn Kumamoto

To begin with, I had a breakfast. Dormy Inn Kumamoto, where I stayed for this trip, provided a variety of breakfast menu including local cuisine.Dormy Inn Kumamoto Breakfast1

Dago-jiru is one of the famous local food in Kumamoto.Dormy Inn Kumamoto Breakfast2

Today, I chose mainly Japanese food.Dormy Inn Kumamoto Breakfast3

Kumamoto Castle

After breakfast, I visited Kumamoto Castle.

What is Kumamoto Castle?

Kumamoto Castle is one of the three most magnificent castles in Japan. It was constructed in 1607 by Kiyomasa Kato. As you may know, there was a strong earthquake in Kumamoto Prefecture in April 2016, which has affected Kumamoto Castle.

Current status (as of 2016.12)

Due to the earthquake, visitors are prohibited from entering into Kumamoto Castle, but they are allowed to watch the castle from Ninomaru Park and Kato Shrine, which are located around the castle.""

So, I walked around Kumamoto Castle.

Walking around Kumamoto Castle

First, I found the statue of Kiyomasa Kato.Kumamoto Castle Statue of Kiyomasa Kato

Unfortunately, it was cloudy.

Sakuranobaba Josaien.Kumamoto Castle Josaien1

Josaien is a popular tourist attraction. The facility has not started yet, so I will come back later.Kumamoto Castle Josaien2

Kumamoto Castle Josaien3

This is “Hitsuji Saru Turret”.Kumamoto Castle Hitsuji Saru Turret1

You can see that stone wall behind the turret has been destroyed.Kumamoto Castle Hitsuji Saru Turret2

Ninomaru Park.Kumamoto Castle Ninomaru Park1

Kumamoto Castle Ninomaru Park2

Visitors are able to see the main castle tower.Kumamoto Castle Ninomaru Park main castle tower1

Kumamoto Castle Ninomaru Park main castle tower2

This is Inui Turret and you can see stone wall has been destroyed.Kumamoto Castle Ninomaru Park Inui Turret

Kumamoto Castle Inui Turret1

Kumamoto Castle Inui Turret2

Now I arrived at Kato Shrine.Kumamoto Castle Kato Shrine1

Kumamoto Castle Kato Shrine2


From Kato Shrine, visitors are able to see the main castle tower.熊本城 加藤神社 宇土櫓

Kumamoto Castle Kato Shrine main castle tower1

You can see how the earthquake hit the castle.Kumamoto Castle Kato Shrine main castle tower2

熊本城 加藤神社 天守閣・宇土櫓

Higashi-Juhachiken Turret and Kita-Juhachiken Turret. They are completely destroyed.Kumamoto Castle Higashi-Juhachiken Turret and Kita-Juhachiken Turret1

Kumamoto Castle Higashi-Juhachiken Turret and Kita-Juhachiken Turret2

I stopped by Kumamoto Castle Inari Shrine.Kumamoto Castle Inari Shrine1

Kumamoto Castle Inari Shrine2

Kumamoto Castle Inari Shrine3

Kumamoto Castle Inari Shrine4

I found a big Kumamon’s wall painting.熊本信用金庫 くまモン

Then, I returned to Josaien and looked around it. I will write about it in the next article.


That’s it for the article about Kumamoto Castle as part of Day 2. When I saw the damaged castle, I felt sorry for the earthquake. On the other hand, however, I saw how the reconstruction has been advanced. So, I believe it was a good chance to visit Kumamoto.

In the next article, I will write about Josaien.


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