Colonial Architecture in George Town (World Heritage Site), Penang Island

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I traveled to Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur and Penang) and Brunei for a week, while I attended my Malaysian friend’s wedding at Kuala Lumpur. In this article, I will write about colonial architecture in George Town (World Heritage Site), Penang Island, as part of Day 3.

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[Travel Dates]
2015.9.22 – 29

NOTE: as the blog title suggests, I mainly write about my travel around Japan, but I will write about my overseas travel in this series.

[Main Part]

Fly from Kuala Lumpur to Penang Island

I will leave Kuala Lumpur where I stayed on Day 1 and 2, and move to Penang Island. It takes about 1 hour by flight. There are several airlines that provide flights between Kuala Lumpur and Penang and I chose AirAsia. The Kuala Lumpur international airport (KLIA) has a terminal that entirely caters to LCC (KLIA2). KLIA used to have the low-cost carrier terminal (LCCT), but KLIA2 was newly constructed in 2014. I have used LCCT before and felt it was a little bit shabby. but KLIA2 was remodelled to be fashionable.

At KLIA2Kuala Lumpur KLIA2 building

Kuala Lumpur KLIA2 object

Arrived at Penang international airportPenang international airport AirAsia1

Penang international airport AirAsia2

Colonial Architecture in George Town (World Heritage Site)

Activities in Penang Island for tourists are mainly, (1) to go for a stroll in George Town (World Heritage Site), or (2) to enjoy beach resorts. This time I focused on (1), as my stay in Penang was limited to two days.

Nevertheless, George Town is broader than expected and tourist spots differ depending on areas. First, I went around colonial architecture that was mainly spotted in the north side (sea side) of George Town. These buildings were built around 17-18 century when the British Empire colonized Penang Island. Here are some pictures I took there.

Cathedral of the Assumptions.Penang George Town Cathedral of the Assumptions1

Penang George Town Cathedral of the Assumptions2

St. George’s Church.Penang George Town St. George's Church

A building with orange roof.Penang George Town building with orange roof

Penang High Court Building.Penang George Town High Court Building

Town Hall.Penang George Town hall

City Hall.Penang George Town city hall1

Penang George Town city hall2

Penang George Town city hall3

A street along the sea.Penang George Town street along the sea1

Penang George Town street along the sea2

Fort Cornwallis.Penang George Town Fort Cornwallis1

Penang George Town Fort Cornwallis2

Aligned canons.Penang George Town Fort Cornwallis3

Zoom-up of canons.Penang George Town Fort Cornwallis4

Penang George Town Fort Cornwallis5

Penang George Town Fort Cornwallis6

Panels for commemorative photosPenang George Town Fort Cornwallis7

Penang George Town Fort Cornwallis8

Mast to watch on.Penang George Town Fort Cornwallis9

Penang George Town Fort Cornwallis10

Penang George Town Fort Cornwallis11

I left Fort Cornwallis and resumed stroll in George Town.Penang George Town city view

Victoria Memorial Clock Tower.Penang George Town Victoria Memorial Clock Tower1

Penang George Town Victoria Memorial Clock Tower2

Ministry office building.Penang George Town Ministry office building

Finally, Penang Tourist Information Center.Penang George Town Tourist Information Center

Penang George Town Tourist Information Center2


That’s it for the article about colonial architecture in George Town (World Heritage Site), Penang Island.  Chalky buildings of colonial architecture with blue sky were very beautiful. In particular, as the sky in Kuala Lumpur was overcast due to haze, I had such an impression more 🙂

In the next article, I will write about Pinang Peranakan Mansion and Eastern & Oriental Hotel in George Town.

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