Revisit Onomichi Part 2: Sunset and Sunrise

尾道 夕景・夜景・日の出 アイキャッチ画像


I revisited Onomichi and it was my first attempt to take photos with my new camera (SONY α7 II) – for the background to buy SONY α7 II and why I chose Onomichi, please see the related article. As a series of the travel to Onomichi, I will post several article by themes. In this article (the 2nd article), I will write about sunset and sunrise in Onomichi.

[Series of articles]
* Senkoji Temple and Tenneiji Temple Kaiun-to etc.
* Sunset and Sunrise [This article]
* Neko-no-hosomichi (Cat Trail)
* Temples and Shrines
* Onomichi station, Gaudi House, Slopes and Onomochi Movie Archives
* Shopping district and Seafront

[Travel Date]

[Main Part]

Evening view around Senkoji Temple and Tenneiji Temple Kaiun-to

Following my previous post, I still continued to walk around Senkoji Temple and Tenneiji Temple Kaiun-to during sunset. I moved these places a few times and took photos of evening view there.

Tenneiji Temple Kaiun-to.Onomichi Tenneiji Kaiun-to evening view1


Senkoji Temple.""



Onomichi Senkoji temple evening view1

Onomichi Senkoji temple evening view2

Pon Pon Rock.Onomichi pon pon rock evening view

View of Onomichi channel.Onomichi channel evening view

Senkoji Temple again. ""

Onomichi Senkoji temple evening view3


A ruined house located between Senkoji Temple and Tenneiji Temple Kaiun-to.""



Back to Tennneiji Temple kaiun-to.Onomichi Tenneiji Kaiun-to evening view2



Onomichi Tenneiji Kaiun-to night view1

Now it got dark.""


Onomichi Tenneiji Kaiun-to night view2

Night view and sunrise from Senkoji Sanso

I stayed at Senkoji Sanso, a Japanese inn. It was located on a hill summit, so I was able to see wonderful views of Onomichi city and Seto Inland Sea.

Night view.Onomichi night view1

Onomichi night view2

Onomichi night view3



Onomichi sunrise1

Onomichi sunrise2

Onomichi sunrise3


That’s it for the article about sunset and sunrise as a series of the travel to Onomichi. In the next article, I will write about Neko-no-hosomichi (Cat Trail).

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