Revisit Onomichi Part 6: Shopping district and Seafront street

尾道 本通り商店街 海岸通り アイキャッチ画像


I revisited Onomichi and it was my first attempt to take photos with my new camera (SONY α7 II) – for the background to buy SONY α7 II and why I chose Onomichi, please see the related article. As a series of the travel to Onomichi, I will post several article by themes. In this article (the 6th article), I will write about Shopping district and Seafront street in  Onomichi.

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* Shopping district and Seafront [This article]

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[Main Part]

This is the 6th and final article of a series of Onomichi travel. Following my previous post, I will post snap photos of Onomichi shopping district and seafront street.

Onomichi Hon Dori Sho-tengai (Onomichi Shopping Arcade)

Onomichi Hon Dori Sho-tengai (Onomichi Shopping Arcade) is a shopping district that runs over 1km on the east side of Onomichi station. There are old-style shops around there.

Entrance of the shopping arcade.Onomichi Hon Dori Sho-tengai (Onomichi Shopping Arcade)1

Several snaps.Onomichi Hon Dori Sho-tengai (Onomichi Shopping Arcade)2

Onomichi Hon Dori Sho-tengai (Onomichi Shopping Arcade)3

Onomichi Hon Dori Sho-tengai (Onomichi Shopping Arcade)4

Onomichi panya-koro

Onomichi chaider

There are several cafes along the street and I visited two of them.


“AKUBI CAFE” is open along with “ANEGO no NEDOKO”, a guest house in Onomichi. The cafe is unique in its old-style atmosphere.

Exterior.Onomichi AKUBI CAFE1

Interior.Onomichi AKUBI CAFE2

Onomichi AKUBI CAFE3

Onomichi AKUBI CAFE4

Guest house area.""


Onomichi ANAGO-no-Nedoko


Yuyu is a cafe that renovates an old public bathhouse. The cafe also sells souvenir goods. I visited it two years ago and revisited it this time.

Exterior.Onomichi Yuyu1

Souvenir goods.""



Cafe space.Onomichi Yuyu2

Onomichi Yuyu3

Onomichi Yuyu4

Onomichi Yuyu5

Onomichi Yuyu6


Shukaen is the most famous Ramen restaurant in Onomichi, located near the shopping district. There were long queues, but I visited it to have a lunch.

Exterior.Onomichi Shukaen1

I ordered Yakisoba (pan-fried noodle).Onomichi Shukaen2

Seafront street

Seafront street runs in parallel with Onomichi Hon Dori Sho-tengai (Onomichi Shopping Arcade). As the name suggests, I saw sea and ships.

Near Jodoji temple.""


There was a cat.Onomichi seafront street1

Zoom-in.Onomichi cat

Near Senkoji temple ropeway.""



In line.Onomichi seafront street2

A large ship.""

A bench used for a TV drama.""




Near Onomichi station.Onomichi seafront street3


Onomichi seafront street4

The final photo was taken at Onomichi station.Onomichi station


That’s it for the article about Shopping district and Seafront street in  Onomichi.

To summarize the trip, Onomichi has many photo spots and I enjoyed walking around there. In addition, compared to large cities such as Tokyo, I felt time passed more slowly, so I was able to be relaxed. I had visited it two weeks later, I would have been able to see cherry blossoms there. Next time, I would like to visit Onomichi in April.

Regarding my next trip, I am going to visit Kyoto see cherry bossoms. I will post several article in my blog, so please stay tuned 🙂

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