Fukuoka Trip Part 12 Tenjin Winter Illumination

天神 イルミネーション アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Fukuoka, in mid December. While Fukuoka has an image of gourmet town, it has also tourist spots more than I expected. In this article, I will write about Tenjin as part of Day 4. Tenjin area has a terminal station of Nishitesu, which connects to Dazaifu and Yanagawa etc., so the area was as vibrant as Hakata station.

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Following the previous post, I returned from Dazaifu area to Tenjin area. I had some free time before the evening, so I will go around the area.

Bayside Place Hakata

First, I visited “Bayside Place Hakata” by bus.Bayside Place Hakata1

“Bayside Place Hakata” is a commercial facility located at Hakata Pier. The facility produces an waterfront atmosphere just like Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.

The building over there was “Marine Messe Fukuoka”. GLAY, a Japanese famous rock band, held a concert today.""

Also, there was “Hakata Port Tower” at Bayside Place Hakata, but unfortunately it was closed for renovation.Bayside Place Hakata2

Acros Fukuoka

I returned to Tenjin area. Then, I visited “Acros Fukuoka”, a commercial facility, as I heard there was an outdoor observation deck (“Step Garden”) in it.Acros Fukuoka1

In the building.Acros Fukuoka2

I reached the Step Garden. In the north, I saw “Hakata Port Tower”.Acros Fukuoka Step Garden1

Here is a view in the south.Acros Fukuoka Step Garden2

In addition, there was a park called “Tenjin Central Park” adjacent to “Acros Fukuoka”.Acros Fukuoka Tenjin Central Park

Other Tenjin Snaps

I has some time before the evening, so I continued to walk around Tenjin area.Fukuoka Tenjin1

While around Hakata station was energetic, Tenjin area was also prosperous.Fukuoka Tenjin2

There were lots of department stores including Mitsukoshi, Sogo, Iwataya and Solaria.Fukuoka Tenjin Mitsukoshi

Kego Park is a place where a winter illumination event is held and I stopped by it to check the venue in advance.""

There was also Kego Shrine adjacent to Kego Park.Fukuoka Tenjin Kego Shrine

Motsu Nabe Showraku

Now I will have dinner. I visited “Motsu Nabe Showraku”.""

I ordered a set meal. Here is an appetizer.Motsu Nabe Showraku1

“Motsu Nabe”, the main dish.Motsu Nabe Showraku2

Tenjin Illumination

After dinner, I will take evening photos in Tenjin area.Tenjin Illumination1

“Solaria Plaza”, a commercial mall operated by Nitetsu.Tenjin Illumination2

“Iwataya” is a famous local department store.Tenjin Iwataya

A shop of “Luis Vuitton”.""

I wish I had enough money to buy products of “Luis Vuitton” 🙂""

Another cut of “Solaria Plaza”.Tenjin Solaria Plaza

In Kego Park, “TENJIN HIKARI SQUARE”, a winter illumination event, was held.TENJIN HIKARI SQUARE1

Visitors enjoyed taking photos.""

A small steam locomotive was running.TENJIN HIKARI SQUARE2

I just took a photo of the steam locomotive before its departure.TENJIN HIKARI SQUARE3

Illumination events were held at other venues. For example, “2019 Fantastic Christmas” was held at Daimaru Fukuoka Tenjin Department Store.Daimaru Fukuoka Tenjin Department Store

In addition, in Fukuoka City Hall West Side Fureai Plaza, “TENJIN Christmas Market” was held.TENJIN Christmas Market1

Just like Halloween, Christmas Market has been recognized in Japan over the past years.TENJIN Christmas Market2

There were a variety of shops and eateries in the venue.TENJIN Christmas Market3

TENJIN Christmas Market4

A foreign singer performed a show on the stage and sang several famous Japanese songs.TENJIN Christmas Market5

It’s something like a jewel, wasn’t it?TENJIN Christmas Market6

I left the Christmas Market and walked around Tenjin staton.""

In Tenjin Underground Mall.Tenjin Underground Mall1

Then, I returned to the hotel and the fourth day of my Fukuoka trip was over.Tenjin Underground Mall2


That’s it for the article about Tenjin as part of Day 4.

Tenjin area has a terminal station of Nishitesu, which connects to Dazaifu and Yanagawa etc., so the area was as vibrant as Hakata station. This time, I booked a hotel near Hakata station as it was nearer to the airport, but you can move from Tenjin to the airport via subway directly as well, so if I have another chance to visit Fukuoka in the future, I may stay at Tenjin area next time 🙂

In the next article, as final article of the Fukuoka series, I will write about Day 5.


1 Bayside Place Hakata
2 Acros Fukuoka
3 Kego Park
4 Fukuoka City Hall West Side Fureai Plaza
5 Tenjin Underground Mall

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