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I visited Singapore for the first time in three and a half years. Actually, I used to live in Singapore for one and a half year to attend a business school. A reunion was held in Singapore, so that’s why I came back there. This times, I spent about a week going around Singapore to take as many photos as possible. In this article, I will write about River Safari as part of Day 5.

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Following the previous post, I moved from Singapore Zoo to River Safari (FYI: they were located in the same site)Singapore River Safari

Before walking around River Safari, I had a lunch at River Safari Tea House.Singapore River Safari Tea House

What is River Safari?

River Safari is a safari park focusing on “River”. The Giant Panda Forest area was opened in November 29, 2012 in advance and then River Safari was officially opened in February 28, 2014. When I lived in Singapore before, River Safari started to exhibit Giant Panda and I have been there once. While River Safari kept two pandas, I was able to see just one panda at that time. So, this time was a good chance to see two pandas.

There are three areas in River Safari, which are Rivers of the World, Giant Panda Forest and Wild Amazonia. I went around River Safari in this order.
Singapore River Safari map
(see the link for the map)

Rivers of the World

Rivers of the World adopts seven world-class large rivers as its theme and keeps fish and animals that live around these rivers. Here are some photos from Rivers of the World.Singapore River Safari Rivers of the World1

Singapore River Safari Rivers of the World2

Singapore River Safari Rivers of the World3

Singapore River Safari Rivers of the World4

Giant Panda Forest

Giant Panda Forest exhibits two giant pandas and red pandas. As I mentioned earlier, when I visited Giant Panda Forest before, I only say one of the two giant pandas. So, I wanted to see both of them this time.

When I entered the area, I just found a board with giant pandas and red pandas.Singapore River Safari Giant Panda Forest

Then, I went into the observation area and found…

A panda was sleeping while another panda didn’t show up!Singapore River Safari Giant Panda1

Just like my last visit, only one panda showed up. In addition, he/she was asleep this time.Singapore River Safari Giant Panda2

So, I watched red pandas instead.Singapore River Safari Red Panda1

Singapore River Safari Red Panda2

Singapore River Safari Red Panda3

Alternatively, I stopped by Mama Panda Kitchen and ordered giant panda cappuccino.Singapore River Safari Giant Panda cappuccino

Wild Amazonia

Wild Amazonia is an area that replicates the Amazon River. Wild Amazonia consists of Amazon River Quest, Squirrel Monkey Forest and Amazon Flooded Forest.

In the Amazon River Quest, visitors are able to ride a boat to see wild animals living around the Amazon River.Singapore River Safari Amazon River Quest

In the Squirrel Monkey Forest, there are lots of free-range squirrel monkeys.Singapore River Safari Squirrel Monkey Forest1

Singapore River Safari Squirrel Monkey Forest2

Singapore River Safari Squirrel Monkey Forest3

Last but not least, in the Amazon Flooded Forest, wild animals living in the Amazon River such as manatee and piranha are exhibited.Singapore River Safari Amazon Flooded Forest1

Singapore River Safari Amazon Flooded Forest2

Singapore River Safari Amazon Flooded Forest3

Singapore River Safari Amazon Flooded Forest4


That’s it for the article about River Safari as part of Day 5. Regarding giant pandas, I was sad to see just one sleeping panda, but there is no use crying it. By the way, I visited Singapore Zoo and River Safari while there is another zoo, Night Safari, on the same site. This time I didn’t visit it due to my busy schedule, but I would like to visit it next time 🙂

In the next article, I will write about Clarke Quay, which I visited in the evening.


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