Macau Trip Part 7: Sands Cotai Central (金沙城中心)

マカオ サンズ・コタイ・セントラル アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Macau in mid December. I went around the World Heritage sites in Macau Peninsula in the first half and mega resorts in Cotai area in the latter half. In this article, I will write about Sands Cotai Central as part of Day 3.

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Breakfast in Grand Lisboa

The third day of my Macau trip started. To begin with, I will have breakfast.

While I had breakfast at “Noite e Dia Café (不夜天Café)” in Hotel Lisboa, where I was staying, on the previous day (see the related article), I will have breakfast at “Round-The-Clock Coffee Shop” in Grand Lisboa which was adjacent to Hotel Lisboa this time.Macau Grand Lisboa Round-The-Clock Coffee Shop

I visited “Round-The-Clock Coffee Shop” for dinner on the previous day (see the related article) and liked its cuisine and atmosphere, so I decided to revisit it.

“Round-The-Clock Coffee Shop” does not have buffet for breakfast, which is common in other hotel restaurants, and instead provides course meals such as “American Breakfast”, “Continental Breakfast” and “Chinese Breakfast”, and several a la carte menus. Among them, I chose “Chinese Breakfast”.Macau Grand Lisboa Round-The-Clock Coffee Shop breakfast

Considering hotel’s room rates, the price of breakfast was relatively reasonable and their service was good, so I was satisfied with breakfast at “Round-The-Clock Coffee Shop”.

Check-out Hotel Lisboa

On the third day, I will move to another hotel, so I will check out Hotel Lisboa.

Macau is famous for casino and Hotel Lisboa has its own casino, but in the end, I didn’t visit it at all, as my purpose was taking travel photos 🙂Macau Hotel Lisboa casino

I checked out Hotel Lisboa.Macau Hotel Lisboa

To recap Hotel Lisboa, I think Hotel Lisboa would be one of the best options in terms of location and cost-effectiveness, if you are looking for a hotel in Macau Peninsula. First, Hotel Lisboa is conveniently located for walking around the world heritage sites – for example, it takes about 10 minutes to Senado Square on foot. Second, the room rates in Hotel Lisboa is affordable – about half the price of Grand Lisboa.

Move to Cotai Area

While I have stayed in Macau Peninsula in the first half, I will stay in Cotai area, which has been developed recently, in the latter half. I will move to Cotai area by relaying free shuttle buses.

First, I will take a shuttle bus of Hotel Lisboa. When I waited for the bus, I enjoyed conversation with this doorman.Macau Hotel Lisboa doorman

After 10 minutes ride, I arrived at “Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal (外港客運碼頭)”.Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal

Then, I transferred to another shuttle bus bound for “Sands Cotai Central (金沙城中心)”, where I will be staying.Macau Sands Cotai Central shuttle bus

Sands Cotai Central

After 20 minutes ride, I reached Sands Cotai Central.""

Sands Cotai Central is a casino resort opened in 2012. As the name suggests, it is operated by Las Vegas Sands.

Several casino resorts were built side by side around Cotai Strip, the main street in Cotai area, and Sands Cotai Central is located at the center of the area.Macau Cotai Strip map

In addition, Sands Cotai Central has four hotels, which are Conrad, Sheraton, Holiday Inn and St. Regis. Among them, Sheraton and Holiday Inn set relatively reasonable room rates, and I chose to stay at Sheraton, as it was less expensive than Holiday Inn in my itinerary.

I checked with a hotel staff about the check-in time and was told that check-in would be available from 1 p.m., so I will go around Sands Cotai Central until then.

Sands Cotai Central had a shopping mall called “Shoppes at Cotai Central”.Macau Sands Cotai Central Shoppes at Cotai Central1

Macau Sands Cotai Central Shoppes at Cotai Central2



Macau Sands Cotai Central Shoppes at Cotai Central3

Macau Sands Cotai Central Shoppes at Cotai Central4

There were two casinos in Sands Cotai Central and the below was one of them.Macau Sands Cotai Central casino

An Apple store has recently opened in Sands Cotai Central.Macau Sands Cotai Central apple store1

Macau Sands Cotai Central apple store2

Macau Sands Cotai Central apple store3

Macau Sands Cotai Central apple store4

I will take a look at other hotels than Sheraton where I will be staying. This is Holiday Inn.Macau Sands Cotai Central Holiday Inn

Conrad.Macau Sands Cotai Central Conrad

St. Regis.Macau Sands Cotai Central St. Regis

There are several souvenir shops in Sands Cotai Central, so I will visit one of them during my stay.""

This McCafé was cool, wasn’t it?Macau Sands Cotai Central McCafé

There was also a theater.Macau Sands Cotai Central theater

Lunch at Koufu

I will have lunch at “Koufu (口福)”, a food court on the third floor.Macau Sands Cotai Central Koufu1

Koufu is a Singaporean food and beverage company operating a chain of food court, coffee shops and casual eateries. The food court in Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is also operated by Koufu.

The food court was made up of mainly Asian food stalls. For example, Singapore cuisine.Macau Sands Cotai Central Koufu2

Taiwanese cuisine.Macau Sands Cotai Central Koufu3

Chinese dishes.Macau Sands Cotai Central Koufu4

Drink corner.Macau Sands Cotai Central Koufu5

And Macanese Portuguese cuisine.Macau Sands Cotai Central Koufu6

Among them, I chose the Macanese Portuguese stall.Macau Sands Cotai Central Koufu7

As time passed, the food court became crowded.Macau Sands Cotai Central Koufu8

Check-in Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel

Then, I will check in the hotel, as it was around 1 p.m. “Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel”, where I will be staying, has 4,001 rooms, which is the largest number in both hotels in Macau and Starwood Hotels that manage Sheraton hotels.

I had a “Starwood Preferred Guest*” account and booked my stay through its official website, so I was able to use “SPG Lounge”.""
* Starwood group went under the umbrella of Marriott group in April 2016 and the Starwood Preferred Guest program has been integrated into Marriott’s guest reward program since August 2018. In January 2019 when I am writing this article, the reward program’s name was unified into “Marriott Rewards”. In addition, the name will be changed into “Marriott Bonvoy” from mid February  2019.

I chose the least expensive room, but it was enough for me.Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel

Then, I will go around Venetian Macao.""


That’s it for the article about Sands Cotai Central as part of Day 3.

Compared with Venetian Macao and Parisian Macao, which I will visit later, Sands Cotai Central may lack in appeal from entertainment perspectives. However, Sands Cotai Central is conveniently located for hopping around casino resorts in Cotai area. In addition, Sands Cotai Central has a wide variety of hotel selections from luxury ones (Conrad and St. Regis) to reasonable ones (Sheraton and Holiday Inn), so travelers can choose their hotels based on their needs  and preferences 🙂

In the next article, I will write about the Venetian Macao as part of Day 3.


1 Hotel Lisboa
2 Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal
3 Sands Cotai Central

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