Macau Trip Part 13 Galaxy Macau (澳門銀河) & Broadway Macau (澳門百老匯)

ギャラクシー・マカオ アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Macau in mid December. I went around the World Heritage sites in Macau Peninsula in the first half and mega resorts in Cotai area in the latter half. In this article, I will write about Galaxy Macau and Broadway Macau as part of Day 4.

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Following the previous post, I moved from Wynn Palace to Galaxy Macau by “Cotai Connection”, a free shuttle bus that goes around casino resorts in Cotai area.""

Galaxy Macau is located as follows:Macau Cotai Strip map

“Galaxy Macau (澳門銀河)”  is a casino resort opened in May 2011. It is run by “Galaxy Entertainment Group” in Hong Kong. Galaxy Macau is the third casino resort in Cotai area following the Venetian Macao and City of Dreams.

Broadway Macau

Galaxy Entertainment Group also opened another casino resort “Broadway Macau (澳門百老匯)” adjacent to Galaxy Macau in May 2015 and I will go around Broadway Macau first.""

One of the features in Broadway Macau was “Broadway Food Street”.Broadway Macau

There were a variety of restaurants, mainly asian cuisine, and I found a stall of “Bee Cheng Hiang (美珍香)”, which was famous in Singapore.。Macau 美珍香(Bee Cheng Hiang)

Taking of “Bee Cheng Hiang (美珍香)”, when I visited Singapore in August 2016, I bought a souvenir there at Changi Airport (see the related article).

That fond memory brought me to “Katong Corner”, a Singaporean restaurant.Macau Katong Corner1

In the restaurant.Macau Katong Corner2

I ordered “Bak Kut Teh (肉骨茶)”.Macau Bak Kut Teh/肉骨茶

Although I had chicken rice this morning (see the related article), Bak Kut Teh is one of my favorite Singapore local food along with chicken rice, so I didn’t hesitate to have Singaporean cuisine consecutively. Whenever I travel to Singapore, I have Bak Kut Teh. If you are interested in it, please see my past articles (1, 2, 3).

When I walked around Broadway Food Street after eating, I found a stall of “義順牛奶 (Leitaria I Son)”, which is famous for its milk puddings.Macau 義順牛奶1

There are lots of “義順牛奶 (Leitaria I Son)” outlets in Hong Kong as well as Macau. When I went in a trip to Hong Kong in 2o17, I visited a “義順牛奶 (Leitaria I Son)” shop and liked its milk pudding (see the related article). So, I revisited it.

I ordered a milk pudding with red bean.Macau 義順牛奶2

Broadway Macau and Galaxy Macau were connected with a connecting bridge and here is a view of Galaxy Macau from Broadway Macau.Galaxy Macau1


I will move to Galaxy Macau via the connecting bridge.Galaxy Macau2

Galaxy Macau

Galaxy Macau had a shopping mall called “Promenade Shops” and I will go around it.""

Galaxy Macau3



There were a lot of art works in the mall.""


A locomotive.Galaxy Macau4

Galaxy Macau5

One of the attractions in Galaxy Macau was “Wishing Crystal”.Galaxy Macau Wishing Crystal

There were five hotels in Galaxy Macau and one of them was “JW Marriott Hotel Macau”.Galaxy Macau JW Marriott Hotel Macau1

Galaxy Macau JW Marriott Hotel Macau2

This is “Galaxy Hotel” directly managed by Galaxy Entertainment Group.""


The main attraction in Galaxy Macau was “Fortune Diamond” located at Diamond Lobby. Shows were performed regularly and when I reached the venue, the show had already started.""

A fence was rising in tune with music.""

Then, a big diamond appeared.Galaxy Macau Fortune Diamond1

As you can see, lots of people gathered around here to take photos.Galaxy Macau Fortune Diamond2

Zoom-up of the diamond.""

I will watch the show again from the beginning, as I watched it from halfway last time.""

The lighting changed its colors to the music and I found it a lot of fun.Galaxy Macau Fortune Diamond3

The show spans 5 minutes every 20 minutes.Galaxy Macau Fortune Diamond4

Then, I left Galaxy Macau.""

Next, I will return to Cotai Strip to take evening photos around there. This time, I will move by “Cotai Express”.Macau Cotai Express


That’s it for the article about Galaxy Macau and Broadway Macau as part of Day 4.

Galaxy Macau and Broadway Macau are relatively far from Cotai Strip, the main street in Cotai area, so tourists who stay around Cotai Strip may be reluctant to visit Galaxy Macau. However, Fortune Diamond in Galaxy Macau is particularly worth a visit, and both Cotai Connection and Cotai Express, a free shuttle bus service that go around casino resorts in Cotai area, stop at Galaxy Macau. So if you have a chance to visit Cotai area, why don’t you visit Galaxy Macau 🙂

In the next article, I will write about evening scene around the Venetian Macao etc. as part of Day 4.


1 Galaxy Macau
2 Broadway Macau

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