Macau Trip Part 15 Macau Tower and My Recommendation of Stay in Cotai Area

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I traveled to Macau in mid December. I went around the World Heritage sites in Macau Peninsula in the first half and mega resorts in Cotai area in the latter half. In this article, I will write about Macau Tower and my recommendation of stay in Cotai area as part of Day 5.

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Breakfast in Sands Cotai Central (@Grand Orbit)

The fifth day, the final day, of my Macau trip started. I will have breakfast, first.

In Sands Cotai Central where I have been staying, there were several restaurants which were open in the early morning and I visited “Grand Orbit” among them.Sands Cotai Central Grand Orbit

Among four hotels in Sands Cotai Central, hotel guests of Conrad and Holiday Inn use this restaurant if their accommodation includes breakfast. Sands Cotai Central Grand Orbit breakfast1

Breakfast is served as a buffet style and there was a variety of cuisine.Sands Cotai Central Grand Orbit breakfast2

Sands Cotai Central Grand Orbit breakfast3

Sands Cotai Central Grand Orbit breakfast4

Sands Cotai Central Grand Orbit breakfast5

Sands Cotai Central Grand Orbit breakfast6

There were also so many desserts to choose.Sands Cotai Central Grand Orbit breakfast7

First, mainly western cuisine.Sands Cotai Central Conrad breakfast1

Next, Chinese cuisine.Sands Cotai Central Conrad breakfast2

Finally, dessert.Sands Cotai Central Conrad breakfast3

In Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel I have been staying, hotel guests whose accommodation includes breakfast have breakfast at another restaurant “Feast” and I wavered between the two restaurants. I had some concern that “Feast” might be crowded as the number of rooms in Sheraton was larger, so I chose “Grand Orbit” and found it was actually less crowded.

After breakfast, I stopped by “家餅記英 (Pastelaria Yeng Kee)” to buy souvenirs. The shops was open in the early morning and it was helpful to me.家餅記英 (Pastelaria Yeng Kee)

I just happened to see “Rilakkuma” at “六福珠寶 (Lukfook Jewellery)”, a jewelry shop based in Hong Kong.六福珠寶(Lukfook Jewellery) Rilakkuma

Macau Tower

I had some free time before I leave Macau to return home in the afternoon, so I will visit Macau Tower in the morning .

Between Cotai area and Macau Tower, shuttle buses ran from Studio City Macau and MGM Cotai, but I moved to Macau Tower by taxi as these shuttle buses were out of service in the early morning.""

Macau Tower was opened in 2001 and is 338 meters tall, which is as tall as Tokyo Tower.

Let’s go into the building.Macau Tower1

It was around Christmas season when I traveled to Macau, so there was decoration for Christmas.""

I bought a ticket for the observation deck.""

First, I went to “Observation Lounge” on the 58th floor.Macau Tower2

It was a weekday and just after Macau Tower started its operation, so there were not any other visitors.Macau Tower3

View of Macau city.Macau Tower4

The golden color “Grand Lisboa” was eye-catching.""

Bridges to connect Macau Peninsula and Taipa/Cotai area.""

View of the west side.Macau Tower5

There was Zhuhai (珠海市), a special economic zone in China, across the sea.Macau Tower6

In silhouette.""

I moved to “Adventure Deck” on the 61st floor.Macau Tower7

There was an outside observation deck.Macau Tower8

In addition, visitors were able to participate in paid activities including “Tower Climb”, “Skywalk”, “SkyJump” and “Bungy Jump”.""

This is “Skywalk” to take a stroll around the outer perimeter that encircles the tower.Macau Tower Skywalk

Video shooting with GoPro was available for “SkyJump”and “Bungy Jump”.Macau Tower Bungy Jump

I came back to the 1st floor.""

I stopped by the 2nd and 3rd floor as well.Macau Tower9

Macau Tower10

Finally, I took several photos outside the building, as there was a walkway.Macau Tower11

Macau Tower12

Sands Cotai Central

I went back from Macau Tower to Sands Cotai Central.Macau Sands Cotai Central1

I checked out “Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel” where I stayed and will have lunch before departure.

I dropped by “Palms Café and Bar” near the lobby.Sands Cotai Central Palms Café and Bar1

I had a light meal as I ate breakfast pretty much.Sands Cotai Central Palms Café and Bar2

Then, I left Sands Cotai Central to return home.Macau Sands Cotai Central2

To begin with, I will move to Taipa Ferry Terminal by a free shuttle bus.Macau Taipa Ferry Terminal shuttle bus

Stay in Cotai Area

Now I will review casino resorts in Cotai area based on my impression over the two days when I went around them.Macau Cotai casino resort map

If you prefer luxurious hotels and don’t care the price, I would recommend “The Venetian Macao”. If you value both luxury and cost-effectiveness, “The Parisian Macao” would be a good option.

On the other hand, if you would like to save money for accommodation as much as possible, Sheraton and Holiday Inn in “Sands Cotai Central”, “The Countdown Hotel” in “City of Dreams” and “Broadway Macau” adjacent to “Galaxy Macau”, are the four hotels which are least expensive in casino resorts in Cotai area. Among them, Sheraton or Holiday Inn in “Sands Cotai Central” would be most recommendable, considering the easy access to hopping other casino resorts and its variety of restaurants in the facility.

These are comments for people who stay in Cotai area for the first time. If you are a repeater, I also recommend “Studio City Macau”, “City of Dreams” and “MGM Cotai” – though they are not so large, their exterior and art works are very impressive.


That’s it for the article about Macau Tower and my recommendation of stay in Cotai area as part of Day 5.

Regarding Macau Tower, when I traveled to Macau in the past, I tried to visit it, but didn’t. Finally, I accomplished my desire this time. If I have another chance in the future, I would like to revisit it in the evening.

As for my recommendation of stay in Cotai area, this is just my view, but I would appreciate if it could be of some help for people who plan to travel to Macau and stay in Cotai area (- for each casino resort, please see my past articles).

In the next article, as the final article of the Macau series, I will write about return home as part of Day 5.


1 Sands Cotai Central
2 Macau Tower

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  1. 初めまして。今月下旬に両親とマカオに旅行する予定で、コタイ地区に宿泊しますが、ガイドブックではイメージがつかず、どう過ごそうか食事はどうするかなど悩んでいました。ネットで調べていたらKosuさんのブログに辿り着いて、おかげでずいぶん不安がなくなりました。

    1. ももさん、コメントありがとうございます。世界遺産があるマカオ半島側と異なり、コタイ地区は見所や食事面で悩みますよね(特にカジノの興味がそれ程興味がない場合)。自分の場合「印象的な旅行写真を撮りたい」という目的があったので回る場所には困りませんでしたが、食事は事前にあまり情報収集をしてきなかったせいで、結局は行き当たりばったりでした(苦笑)。いずれにしましても、当ブログが少しでもお役に立てたのでしたら嬉しいです。是非、ご両親とのマカオ旅行を楽しんで下さい!

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