Going to Mican’s parade: part 1

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I took a day-trip to Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture, to see Mican’s parade, which was held in commemoration of winning the second place in the Yuru-chara Grand Prix 2015 (see the related article). Although the air ticket between Tokyo and Matsuyama was not so cheap, I had no regrets as a huge fan of Mican 🙂

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Going to Matsuyama

I arrived at Tokyo Haneda airport.""

Coincidentally, a fair about Ehime Prefecture was held at the airport.

Now I arrived at Matsuyama airport.""

At the airport, I bought “ALL IYOTETSU 1Day Pass”, which gave me unlimited ride for bus and trains around Matsuyama city. ""

The parade would start in the afternoon, so I just went around the city. First, I visited the Ehime prefectural government’s office.Ehime prefectural government's office Mican

There was a banner to celebrate the second place.""

There also a special car dedicated for Mican, which was provided by Toyota car dealers in Ehime.Mikyan car1

Mikyan car2

Mikyan car3

The license plate number was 1111, which came from Mican’s birthday (November 11).Mikyan car4

After I left the prefectural government’s office, I joined a queue to buy “Kiri-no-mori Daifuku”.霧の森菓子工房 ロープウェイ街

I also stopped by a souvenir shop and had a mandarin orange juice.""

みかんジュース 蛇口

Then, I had a lunch.Matsuyama restaurant Yoshi1

Matsuyama restaurant Yoshi2

Fan event at Matsuyama Mitsukoshi

After lunch, I moved to Matsuyama Mitsukoshi, which was starting point of  the parade. Before the parade began, there was a fan event there.""

Mican appeared surrounded by applause.Mikyan1

EMican and Matsudai Mican, who were the related characters of Mican, also appeared.みきゃん エミきゃん 松大みきゃん

There was a brass band performance conducted by Matsudai Mican.""



Greeting from Mican.Mikyan3

Mican also performed a dance.みきゃん えがおダンス1

みきゃん えがおダンス2

みきゃん えがおダンス3

みきゃん えがおダンス4

After the dance, an evil character showed up.""

In addition, Dark Mican, who was the rival of Mican, appeared.Dark Mikyan1

Then, Matsuya-man, who was a white-hat character, appeared.マツヤマン1

He beat the enemy.マツヤマン2


Mican also drove away Dark Mican.""

Right after this, however, every character gathered.みきゃん ダークみきゃん エミきゃん 松大みきゃん

Now was the time for audience to take photos.""




Although Dark Mican was an evil character, he was popular.Dark Mikyan2

Mican via an audience’s smart phone camera.""


Award certificate for the second place.""

Hand-made medal.""

Happi coat staff members wore.""


Before the parade started, the governor of Ehime prefecture had a speech.みきゃん ダークみきゃん エミきゃん 松大みきゃん 愛媛県知事

Commerable photos.Mikyan Dark Mikyan governor2

The governor talked about Dark Mican.Mikyan Dark Mikyan governor

Next year, Ehime Prefecture will host Yuru-chara Grand Prix and the governor mentioned Mican will focus on entertaining visitors, so Mican will not attend the race.Mikyan governor

Finally, the parade was about start, and I will write about it in the next article – to be continued.

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