Going to Mican’s parade: part 2

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Following the previous post, I will continue to write about Mican’s parade.

Parade starts

After the opening ceremony at Matsuyama Mitsukoshi, now the parade started.""

First, they went through Okaido Shopping Street and Gintengai Shopping Street.Mican parade Okaido shopping street1



Mican rode on a cart followed by the prefectural governor.Mican parade Okaido shopping street2


Mican crossed a street and moved from Okaido Shopping Street to Gintengai Shopping Street.""


Now Mican entered Gintengai Shopping Street.""


Mican parade Gintengai shopping street1

Mikyan parade Gintengai shopping street2


After passing through Gintengai Shopping Street, Mican arrived in front of Matsuyama City station.""


They entered into Iyotetsu Takashimaya, a shopping center.""


Mican took an escalator and ""

moved to …""

Ride on a train

Surprisingly, Mican rode on a train (Iyotetsu Suburban Line) to move to the next destination.Mican train1

Passengers next to Mican were surprised.""

Passengers in the train started to take photos.""

Mican stroke several poses for passengers.Mican train2

Mican train3

Dark Mican also rode on the same train.""

Now they arrived at Koizumi Station and got off the train.""

They moved to Emiful MASAKI, a shopping center.""

They were carried by  carts.""


They entered into the shopping center with carts.""


In Emiful Msaki, a fan event was held.""

Unfortunately, when I arrived at the venue, there were already so many audience and I was just able to see Mican from a distance.Mican Emiful1



So, I watched the event from the second floor.""

A gospel show started.""


Now was the time for audience to take photos.Mikyan Emiful2



Mican Emiful3

The character below was Runrun, a mascot character of Emiful MASAKI.Mican Emiful Runrun

The final photo was Mican with Christmas tree.Mican Emiful4

Now the parade ended with great success.

Go back home

This time, I visited Matsuyama just to see the parade, so I will go home on the same day. While I waited for a bus to Matsuyama airport at Matsuyama City station, I took photos of trams there.Matsuyama City Station tram1

Matsuyama City Station tram2

Then, I flew back to Tokyo from Matsuyama airport.Matsuyama airport Mican


That’s it for the article about Mican’s parade. As I mentioned in the previous article, the air ticket between Tokyo and Matsuyama was not so cheap, but I was not sure whether I would have another chance to see the parade, so I decided to visit Matsuyama. In particular, the photos of Mican in the train should be rare, soI had no regrets as a huge fan of Mican 🙂

By the way, Yuru-chara Grand Prix 2016 will be held at Shiroyama Park in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture. As I mentioned before, Mican will not enter the race in order to focus on hosting the event. Personally, I would like Dark Mican, who was created as an enemy role of Mican, to enter the grand prix, instead 🙂

(FYI: The very first story of Dark Mican (Japanese))

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