Shanghai Trip Part 6: Shanghai Tower (上海中心大厦)

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I traveled to Shanghai, China, in late May. If I had been fluent in Chinese, I could have enjoyed the trip more, but I was impressed with a fine mixture of retro and modern elements in Shanghai. In this article, I will write about Shanghai Tower as part of Day 2. As the second tallest building in the world, the view from the observation deck was fantastic.

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[Travel Date]
2018.05.23 – 27

[Main Part]

Shanghai Tower (上海中心大厦)

Following the previous post, I will continue to walk around skyscrapers in the Pudong District.

As the third building among the four major towers in the Pudong District, I came to “Shanghai Tower (上海中心大厦)”.Shanghai tower1

“Shanghai Tower (上海中心大厦)” is a 632-meter (2,073 ft), 127-story skyscraper. It is the second tallest building in the world next to “Burj Khalifa” in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The observation deck was pre-opened in June 2016 and had its grand opening in April 2o17.

When I passed the entrance, I soon found a space for exhibitions about Shanghai city.""

In addition, there were exhibitions about Shanghai Tower.""

Furthermore, there were exhibits about skyscrapers in the world.""

Here is the list of the world’s tallest 20 skyscrapers.""

Among them, I have ever been to the following buildings so far:

  • 6th: One World Trade Center, New York, USA (past article)
  • 9th: Taipei 101, Taipei, Taiwan(past article)
  • 10th: Shanghai World Financial Center (next article)
  • 11th: International Commerce Centre, Hong Kong (past article)
  • 14th: Petronas Twin Tower, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (past articles: 1 and 2)

I moved the the observation deck by elevator.""

The observation deck was located on the 118th and the 119th floor, and I will go around the 118th floor first.""

Visitors enjoyed beautiful scenery from the observation deck.""

When I looked back on pictures, I just found a woman second from the right kept the same posture all the time 🙂Shanghai tower2

I saw more Western tourists here compared with other tourists spots.Shanghai tower3

“Oriental Pearl Tower”, I visited in the morning.""

From another angle.""

“Shanghai World Financial Center”, I will visit later.Shanghai tower4

View with the Huangpu River.Shanghai tower5

I will go up to the 119th floor.""

I walked around the floor.""

Perhaps, the difference by one floor might be just a margin of error, so views from each floor were almost same 🙂""

I returned to the 118th floor. I was thirsty a little, so I will take a break here.""

I had a cup of lemonade.Shanghai tower6

There was a space only available for cafe customers and I took photos around there.""



People in silhouette.Shanghai tower7

Food Republic (大食代)

I moved from the observation deck to the second basement and found “Food Republic (大食代)”.Shanghai tower Food Republic(大食代)1

“Food Republic (大食代)” is a food court chain run by the BreadTalk Group based in Singapore and there are lots of its food courts in major shopping malls in Singapore. When I read back my past articles about Singapore trips, I have been to “Food Republic (大食代)” three times (Capitol PiazzaVivoCitySUNTEC CITY). In addition, “Food Opera” in ION Orchard was operated by the same company, so if I count it on, I have been there four times (past article).

So, I decided to have an early dinner at “Food Republic (大食代)”.

To begin with, I went around the food court.""


Shanghai tower Food Republic(大食代)2

I visited “Sergeant Hainanese Chicken Rice (三巡海南鸡饭)”.Shanghai tower Food Republic(大食代) 三巡海南鶏飯(Sergent Hainanese Chicken Rice)1

I have seen “Sergeant Hainanese Chicken Rice (三巡海南鸡饭)” in Singapore several times and it was delicious.Shanghai tower Food Republic(大食代) 三巡海南鶏飯(Sergent Hainanese Chicken Rice)2

Then, as the final destination of the four major towers in the Pudong District, I will go to “Shanghai World Financial Center”.""


That’s it for the article about Shanghai Tower as part of Day 2.

“Shanghai Tower (上海中心大厦)” is the most recently opened tower among the four major towers in the Pudong District, so its facilities were new and its exhibits were elaborate. Above all, as the second largest building in the world, the view from the observation deck was fabulous 🙂

In the next article, I will write about Shanghai World Financial Center as part of Day 2.


1 Shanghai Tower

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