New York Short trip Part 6: World Trade Center (WTC)

ワン・ワールド・トレード・センター アイキャッチ画像


I went on a business trip to the U.S. and took this opportunity to made a short-trip to New York. Although the trip was just one-and-a-half-day, I enjoyed New York very much. In this article, I will write about World Trade Center (WTC) as part of Day 2.

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Going to World Trade Center

Following the previous post, I moved form Dumbo in Brooklyn to World Trade Center.

From High Street station at Dumbo,""

To Fulton Street station near World Trade Center.""

Once I exited from the station, I saw One World Trade Center.ワン・ワールド・トレード・センター1

View around the street.""




There was St. Paul’s Chapel near the World Trade Center.""

The central building is World Trade Center Transportation Hub.ワールド・トレード・センター・トランスポーテーション・ハブ1

It is partially open and 11 subway lines will pass though it in the future.ワールド・トレード・センター・トランスポーテーション・ハブ2


One World Observatory

I will move up to the observatory (One World Observatory).""

One World Trade Center was developed in October, 2014 and One World Observatory was open in May, 2015.

Before reaching the observatory, there were several videos or images showing the way to rebuilding the One World Trade Center.""





Now I arrived at the observatory.

However, it suddenly turned to be cloudy.""

The weather forecast predicted that it would be cloudy or rainy before the afternoon, so I expected such a weather, but was a little bit sad 🙁

Instead, I took photos at the observatory.ワン・ワールド・トレード・センター 展望台1


ワン・ワールド・トレード・センター 展望台2


ワン・ワールド・トレード・センター 展望台3

I had a lunch at the observatory (“ONE dine”).""


Then, I left the observatory and moved to 9/11 Memorial Plaza.

9/11 Memorial Plaza

9/11 Memorial Plaza was open on September 11, 2011 just 10 years after the 9/11.

There are North pool and South pool where the twin tower buildings used to be.9/11メモリアル1


Names of the victims are inscribed here.9/11メモリアル3

This is 9/11 Memorial Museum.9/11メモリアル・ミュージアム

I had a plan to visit the museum, but there was a long queue. Due to my tight schedule, I skipped it and moved to the next destination.""


That’s it for the article about World Trade Center as part of Day 2. As you can see in my article, constructions are on going. Form what I heard, all of the constructions will be completed in 2018. After its completion, I would like to visit World Trade Center again in the future 🙂

In the next article, I will write about “High Line”.


World Trade Center
One World Observatory
9/11 Memorial

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