Imabari City: Imabari Castle, local gourmet and Bary-san

今治城 アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Ehime and Kagawa Prefecture for 4 days and 3 nights. In this article, I will write about Shimonada Station, which is famous as movie location. I had a long-held desire to visit there and indeed I enjoyed it very much.

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[Travel Dates]
2015.07.25 – 28

[Main Part]

Imabari Bary-san

Following Ozu City and Shimonada station I wrote in the past articles, I strayed overnight at Matsuyama City and moved to Imabari City the next day. Talking of Imabari CIty, Bary-san is a famous local mascot character (Yuru-chara in Japanese terms) in Imabari. In 2012, he won the Yuru-chara Grand Prix, an annual event where the most popular mascot is determined by public voting, so he is well known to Japanese people. My main purpose to vist Imabari is because I would like to go to Shimanami Kaido, about which I will write in the next article, but I also visited the central part of Imabari CIty.

Imabari Castle

Imabari Castle was built in the early 1600’s by Takatora Hyodo. Although it was  destroyed in 1873, it was rebuilt in 1980. This castle is well known as one of the three Mizujiro, or “Castles on the sea”, in Japan, along with Takamatsu Castle and Nakatsu Castle.

Around the moat.Imabari Castle moat 1

Imabari Castle moat 2

Imabari Castle moat 3

When I entered into the premises, I just found a statue of Takatora Hyodo.Imabari Castle statue of Takatora Hyodo 1

Imabari Castle statue of Takatora Hyodo 2

Imabari Castle statue of Takatora Hyodo 3

I climbed up the castle tower.Imabari Castle

View from the castle tower.Imabari Castle tower 1

Imabari Castle tower 2

Imabari Castle tower 3

Fukiage Shrine and Jako Shrine

There were Fukiage Shrine and Jako Shrine on Imabari Castle property, so I visited them as well. Photos below were taken at Fuakige Shrine.Imabari Castle Fukiage Shrine 1

Imabari Castle Fukiage Shrine 2

Imabari Castle Fukiage Shrine 3

Imabari Castle Fukiage Shrine 4

Imabari Castle Fukiage Shrine 5

Imabari Castle Fukiage Shrine 6

These are the photos taken at Jako Shrine.Imabari Castle Jako Shrine 1

Imabari Castle Jako Shrine 2

Imabari Castle Jako Shrine 3

Huge propeller

After leaving Imabari Castle, I just happened to see a huge propeller in front of the Imabari City hall. From what I heard, a local company donated it to the prefecture in 2013.Imabari huge propeller 1

Imabari huge propeller 2

Imabari huge propeller 3

Imabari huge propeller 4

Local gourmet

As the final section of this article, I will mention local gourmet in Imabari. First, “char siu egg rice”, rice with Chinese-style barbecued pork and sunny-side up egg. Imabari char siu egg rice 1

Imabari char siu egg rice

I also had shaved ice twice.Imabari shaved ice

Imabari shaved ice

Imabari shaved ice

Imabari shaved ice


So, that’s it for the article about Imabari CIty. Imabari is also famous for its high quality towel (“Imabari Towel”). In the next article, I will write about Shimanami Kaido, to which I extended my visit from Imabari.

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