Angel Road in Shodoshima Island: it can be seen only twice a day

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I traveled to Ehime and Kagawa Prefecture for 4 days and 3 nights. In this article, I will write about Angel Road in Shodoshima. As the name suggests, the road, which appears only twice a day, had romantic atmosphere.

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[Travel Dates]
2015.07.25 – 28

[Main Part]

What is Angel Road?

Angel Road is a sand-covered road in Shodoshima Island, which connects between the Benten Island and the Yoshima Island. It appears only twice a day at low tide hours. It is believed that couples who cross the road hand-in-hand will be joined in marriage. The rumor has spread by word of mouth and Angel Road is often introduced in tourist brochures as a holy site for couples.

This time, I stayed in Shodoshima Island for two days and the hotel I stayed at was close to Angel Road. So, I visited Angel Road several times at different timing, including low tide hours and high tide hours.

Day 1 evening (changing from low tide to high tide)

After I checked in the hotel at the first day evening, I visited Angel Road for the first time. When I reached the venue, the tide was changing from low to high, so I saw the sand road disappear gradually.Shodoshima Angel Road, New Kankai Honkan Tenku Hotel Kairo 1

Shodoshima Angel Road 1

Shodoshima Angel Road 2

Shodoshima Angel Road 3

Evening sunsetShodoshima Angel Road, observatory 1

Shodoshima Angel Road, observatory 2

Shodoshima Angel Road, observatory 3

Shodoshima Angel Road, New Kankai Honkan Tenku Hotel Kairo 2

Day 2 morning (high tide)

The following photos were taken in the morning on the second day. As it was estimated that the tide would become low around noon, the road didn’t appear at that time. I thought, however, that this also should be impressive situations for taking photos, so I visited the venue again.Shodoshima Angel Road 4

Shodoshima Angel Road 5

Shodoshima Angel Road, observatory 4

Shodoshima Angel Road, observatory 5

Day 2 noon (low tide)

Judging the right time, I came back to Angel Road around noon. Finally, I was able to see Angel Road fully.

First, landscape seen from the Benten Island to the Yoshima Island.Shodoshima Angel Road 6

Shodoshima Angel Road 7

Shodoshima Angel Road 8

Shodoshima Angel Road 9

Shodoshima Angel Road 10

Shodoshima Angel Road 11

Shodoshima Angel Road 12

I crossed the sand road to the Yoshima Island.Shodoshima Angel Road 13

Shodoshima Angel Road 14

Shodoshima Angel Road 15

Shodoshima Angel Road 16

When I moved back from the Yoshima Island to the Benten Island, I took photos about scenery of the Inland Sea that can be seen from Angel Road.Shodoshima Angel Road 17

Shodoshima Angel Road 18

Shodoshima Angel Road 19

Shodoshima Angel Road 20

There is also an observatory near Angel Road.Shodoshima Angel Road, observatory 6

Shodoshima Angel Road, observatory 7

In addition. the hotel I stayed at has a courtyard where you can see Angel Road.Shodoshima Angel Road, New Kankai Honkan Tenku Hotel Kairo 3

Shodoshima Angel Road, New Kankai Honkan Tenku Hotel Kairo 4

Shodoshima Angel Road, New Kankai Honkan Tenku Hotel Kairo 5

Shodoshima Angel Road, New Kankai Honkan Tenku Hotel Kairo 6


So, that’s it for the article about Angel Road. If you decide to visit this venue, I would recommend you check the low tide hours in advance.

In the next article, I will write about the rest of spots I visited in Shodoshima such as Meiro no machi (Maze Town) etc.

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