Revisit Singapore Part 2: Don Mueang Airport (Bangkok) Snaps

ドンムアン空港 アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Singapore in late June for the first time in two years. In addition to famous tourist areas, I went around spots I have never been to before this time. While I have lived in Singapore for a year and half before, I find something new whenever I revisit Singapore. In this article, I will write about Don Mueang Airport (Bangkok) as part of Day 1.

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As I mentioned in the previous article, I went to Singapore with Scoot (TR869) via Bangkok. In this article, I will write about Don Mueang Airport which I stopped by.

About Don Mueang Airport

Don Mueang Airport, which was opened in 1914, is a one of the two international airports in Bangkok, Thailand. It had served as the gateway to Thailand until the mid-2000s, but since the Suvarnabhumi Airport was opened in 2006, Don Mueang Airport had been used just for charter flights for some time.

Then, however, several domestic and international LCCs have started to use Don Mueang Airport. Now these two airports manage to co-exist: mega carriers use Suvarnabhumi Airport while low-cost carriers use Don Mueang Airport.

Transfer at Don Mueang Airport

As I didn’t mention about how to transfer at Don Mueang Airport for indirect flights in the previous article, I will briefly present it in this article.

  1. Get off the plane with carry-on baggage
  2. Receive “Re-boarding Card” from airport staff
  3. Move to transit counter (“Transfer to International”)
  4. Pass through security check and go to departure gate
  5. Return “Re-boarding Card” at departure gate and get on the place

Note: (1) there are two transit counters, for international flights and domestic flights, (2) passengers need to take security check at the airport.

Don Mueang Airport Snaps

From here, I will show pictures in Don Mueang Airport.

Now I have reached the departure area after passing the security check.""

There were lots of shops including duty free shop.""

JIM THOMPSON is a specialty shop of Thai silk.""

There was a McDonald’s in the airport and Donald welcomed customers with its hands clasped.""

Several panels for tourism in Thailand were displayed.""

I traveled to Bangkok in Thailand only once in 2007, so I would like to revisit Thailand in the future.

I will take airplane photos from here.""

There were both well known airlines for Japanese such as AirAsia and unfamiliar airlines which didn’t have routes to Japan, so I was not bored at all.Don Mueang Airport1

Don Mueang Airport2

Visitors were able to see the runway relatively closely.Don Mueang Airport3

Overall, I saw aircrafts of AirAsia the most.Don Mueang Airport4

Photos with silhouette.Don Mueang Airport5



Other snaps.""



Don Mueang Airport6

I stopped by Starbucks for a rest.""


This was the aircraft of Scoot (TR869), which I used for the trip.""

Don Mueang Airport Scoot

The following two photos were taken just after the airplane landed at the airport.""


These two photos below were taken just before the aircraft took off.""



That’s it for the article about Don Mueang Airport (Bangkok) as part of Day 1.

Don Mueang Airport may be less familiar to Japanese compared with Suvarnabhumi International Airport, as major airlines with flights to Japan such as Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways and Thai Airways International use Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

However, there are several LCCs which use Don Mueang Airport for their flights to Japan such as Scoot, Thai AirAsia X and NokScoot. I thought Don Mueang Airport would be useful especially for repeat travelers to Thailand.

In the next article, I will write about Raffles Marina as part of Day 2.


1 Don Mueang Airport

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  1. Hello Kosu,
    My greetings.
    I must say you r very good at defining about places wht u really have mentioned with details.
    I was wondering about This old airport as how would it be like to spend 14-20hrs in transit at a century old airport but it seems quite nice with the pics u uploaded, it seems modern airport…

    Okay anyways .. Thanks .. hve a great time.

    1. Hi Amit Adukia, thank you for your comment. It is true Don Mueang Airport is relatively old compared with Suvarnabhumi International Airport, but I enjoyed Don Mueang more than I expected. I hope you also have a good trip and enjoy your time in transit at Don Mueang Airport 🙂

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