Visiting ArtScience Museum and Singapore Flyer

シンガポール・フライヤー アイキャッチ画像


I visited Singapore for the first time in three and a half years. Actually, I used to live in Singapore for one and a half year to attend a business school. A reunion was held in Singapore, so that’s why I came back there. This times, I spent about a week going around Singapore to take as many photos as possible. In this article, I will write about ArtScience Museum and Singapore Flyer as part of Day 2.

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Following the previous post, I moved from Raffles Hotel to Marina Bay Sands. Marina Bay Sands has three areas – (1) Tower area (hotel and pool etc.), (2) Shopping area (shops and restaurants), and (3) Promenade area. To begin with, I visited ArtScience Museum, which was located in the Promenade area.

ArtScience Museum

ArtScience Museum, which was opened in February 2011, is a museum that features art and science. The building was unique due to its lotus flower shaped design.Singapore ArtScience Museum

Ticket prices varies depending on exhibits that are held at that time. When I visited ArtScience Museum, two exhibits were held – (1) “FUTURE WORLD” and (2) “BIG BANG DATA”.

First, I watched “FUTURE WORLD”. “FUTURE WORLD” is a permanent exhibition, which themes “Where art meets science”. ArtScience Museum collaborates with “teamLab”, an award-winning Tokyo-based art collective of ultra-technologists. Here are some photos of “FUTURE WORLD”.Singapore ArtScience Museum FUTURE WORLD1

Singapore ArtScience Museum FUTURE WORLD2

Singapore ArtScience Museum FUTURE WORLD3

Singapore ArtScience Museum FUTURE WORLD4

Singapore ArtScience Museum FUTURE WORLD5

Then, I watched “BIG BANG DATA”. “BIG BANG DATA” is a special exhibition that is held from May to October 2016. The Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) in Spain produces the exhibition. Here are some photos of “BIG BANG DATA”.Singapore ArtScience Museum Big Bang Data1

Singapore ArtScience Museum Big Bang Data2

Singapore ArtScience Museum Big Bang Data3

Singapore ArtScience Museum Big Bang Data4

Helix Bridge

After I visited ArtScience Museum, I left Marina Bay Sands for the time being and came to Helix Bridge. The Helix Bridge is a pedestrian bridge, which was opened in April 2010. The bridge is convenient when tourists move between Marina Bay Sands area and Singapore Flyer area. The Helix Bridge has an unique design of spiral pattern and is lighted up in the evening. Originally, I planed to walk across the bridge to take its night view photos and decided to cross the bridge in the daytime as well.

The starting point of the bridge. You can see Singapore Flyer over there.Singapore Helix Bridge1

On the way of the bridge, there were several spots where you can take pictures of Marina Bay Sands, ArtScience Museum and the Helix Bridge.Singapore Helix Bridge2

View from near the goal point.Singapore Helix Bridge3

When I finished walking across the bridge, I found Singapore Flyer was located in a few minutes. Although I planed to visit it another day, I changed my plan and decided to visit it now.

Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer is a giant ferris wheel, which was designed by Kisho Kurokawa. It has the height of 165 meters and takes about 30 minutes to go round.""

Singapore Flyer was opened in 2008. When I traveled to Singapore on that year, I took it once. So, I will take it for the first time in eight years.

I got into the ferris wheel.""

Each unit accommodates 28 passengers, but there were just three passengers, including me, in my unit.""

Outside view. You can see a lot of HDB buildings (public housing in Singapore).""

Near the top.""

Singapore Flyer1


After I passed the top, I saw wonderful view of Marina Bay Sands and Fullerton Hotel. Singapore Flyer2

This was Gardens by the Bay, which I planed to visit next day.""

Now I reached the goal.""


I got off the ferris wheel and  ""

I saw it off.""

I left Singapore Flyer and returned to Marina Bay Sands.

Back to Marina Bay Sands

This time, I used Bayfront Bridge.Singapore Bayfront Bridge1

From the Bayfront Bridge, I saw the Helix Bridge.Singapore Bayfront Bridge2

Singapore Bayfront Bridge3

I found it was a good point to take photos, so I decided to come back here in the evening.Singapore Bayfront Bridge4

Then, I went straight, reached Marina Bay Sands and started to go around it. I will write about it in the next article.


That’s it for the article about ArtScience Museum and Singapore Flyer as part of Day 2. This time I rode Singapore Flyer in the daytime and it was also good to ride it in the evening, because you can enjoy the lighted-up ferris wheel and night view of Marina Bay. I wish I had been able to ride Singapore Flyer in the evening, but I had to abandon it due to schedule issues. So, I would like to try it next time 🙂

In the next article, i will write about Marina Bay Sands.


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