Taipei Trip Part 2: Museums around Taipei station

台北当代芸術館 アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Taiwan for four days and three nights. This time, I visited Taipei and its surrounding areas. In this article, I will write about museums around Taipei station as part of Day 1.

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After lunch at Din Tai Fung, I started sightseeing in Taipei. Originally, I planned to go to Taipei 101’s observation deck, but due to rainfall forecast, I changed my itinerary to visit museums around Taipei station.

Museum Contemporary Art, Taipei (MOCA Taipei)

To begin with, I visited Museum Contemporary Art, Taipei (MOCA Taipei), which is located between Zhongshan station and Taipei station. MOCA Taipei was opened in May 2001 and its building used to be an elementary school that was built in 1919.

The exterior of the building.Museum Contemporary Art, Taipei (MOCA Taipei)1

At the entrance.""

I paid NT$50 for admission and went into the museum.""

Here some photos of exhibits.""

Museum Contemporary Art, Taipei (MOCA Taipei)2




Museum Contemporary Art, Taipei (MOCA Taipei)3

Museum Contemporary Art, Taipei (MOCA Taipei)4

National Taiwan Museum

Then, I visited National Taiwan Museum. National Taiwan Museum is located in 228 Peace Memorial Park and the oldest museum in Taiwan.

The current building was built in 1915.""

Entrance hall.National Taiwan Museum1

Here some photos of exhibits.""






The admission ticket (NT$30) is a mutual ticket for the main building and Land Bank Exhibition Hall, which is located across the main building.

Land Bank Exhibition Hall

So, I also went to Land Bank Exhibition Hall.""

The predecessor of Land Bank Exhibition Hall was the Taipei branch of Nippon Kangyo Bank, which opened in 1923. The museum began in 2010.

Since the building used to be a bank office, old coins and bills were exhibited.""

National Taiwan Museum2

In addition, there was an exhibition of ancient creatures, including dinosaurs.National Taiwan Museum3


National Taiwan Museum4


Samples of small creatures.National Taiwan Museum5

On the top floor, the room reproduces the bank office at that time.Taipei Land Bank Exhibition Hall1

Taipei Land Bank Exhibition Hall2

National Museum of History

After I left National Taiwan Museum, I moved to National Museum of History. The following two photos were taken on the way to National Museum of History.Taipei snap photos1

Taipei snap photos2

I arrived at National Museum of History.""

National Museum of History was opened in 1955. Here are some photos of its exhibits.""

Taipei National Museum of History1


Taipei National Museum of History2


Then, I returned to the hotel to check in.


That’s it for the article about museums around Taipei station as part of Day 1.

When traveling to Taipei, I believe all of the travelers hope sunny weather. However, it is often the case of rains. In that case, visiting museums around taipei station can be a good choice 🙂

In the next article, I will write about light-up of Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall.


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