Taipei Trip Part 7: Jiufen, the real world of Miyazaki Anime “Spirited Away”

台湾 九份 アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Taiwan for four days and three nights. This time, I visited Taipei and its surrounding areas. In this article, I will write about walking around Jiufen as part of Day 2.

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Going to Jiufen

Now I returned from Houtong station to Ruifang station. Then, I will move to Jiufen.Ruifang station

I planed to move from Ruifang to Jiufen by bus and moved to the nearest bus stop on foot.""

In the bus.""

I arrived at the entrance of Jishan Street, which was the starting point of walking around Jiufen.Jiufen Seven Eleven

Walking around Jiufen

To begin with, I walked around Jishan Street, the main street of Jiufen. There were a variety of shops along Jishan Street.Jiufen Jishan Street1

Jiufen Jishan Street2

Jiufen Jishan Street3

Jiufen Jishan Street4

Jiufen Lai Ah Po Yu Yuan1

Jiufen Jishan Street5

There was also such a sightseeing spot where visitors were able to view the sea.Jiufen Sea

Jiufen Observatory

Along with Jishan Street, Shuqi Street was another main street.Jiufen Shuqi Street1

I just happened to see a big dog.""

Jiufen Shuqi Street2

Jiufen Shuqi Street3

A Mei Tea House is one of the most famous tourist spots in Jiufen.Jiufen A Mei Tea House1

Lai Ah Po Yu Yuan and Jioufen Teahouse

Jiufen is famous for its light-up scenery in the evening. Since there was still time before the sunset, I will fill the time by having quick bites.

First, I stopped by Lai Ah Po Yu Yuan.Jiufen Lai Ah Po Yu Yuan2

Lai Ah Po Yu Yuan is famous for its taro balls.Jiufen Lai Ah Po Yu Yuan3

Then, I visited Jioufen Teahouse.Jiufen Jioufen Teahouse1

Jioufen Teahouse is a gallery as well as a teahouse.Jiufen Jioufen Teahouse2

I ordered a set of tea and pineapple cake.Jiufen Jioufen Teahouse Pineapple cake

Jioufen Teahouse had a patio and here is the view from the terrace.Jiufen Jioufen Teahouse patio

Light-up in Jiufen

Now the sun started to go down, I moved to A Mei Tea House.Jiufen A Mei Tea House2

This is Skyline Tea House located across from A Mei Tea House.Jiufen Skyline Tea House1

The light-up has started.Jiufen A Mei Tea House3

The scenery was really fantastic.Jiufen Skyline Tea House2

It was the magic hour.Jiufen A Mei Tea House Light-up1

Around A Mei Tea House.Jiufen Light-up1

There were so many visitors around here.Jiufen Light-up2

Jiufen Light-up3

Jiufen Light-up4

Along with A Mei Tea House, this area with the signboard of “A City of Sadness” was another photo spot in Jiufen.Jiufen A City of Sadness

Jiufen Light-up5

Jiufen Light-up6

Jiufen Light-up7

I returned to around A Mei Tea House.Jiufen Light-up8

Jiufen Light-up9

Jiufen Light-up10

Jiufen A Mei Tea House Light-up2

九份 ライトアップ11

At the observatory where visitors can see the sea.Jiufen sea sunset

Now I will return to the hotel.Jiufen Jishan Street Light-up

Though I expected in advance, there was a long queue at the bus stop. In the meantime, several taxi drivers offered a share ride to Taipei station for NT$200 per person, so I returned to Taipei by taxi.Jiufen taxi

Light-up at Taipei station

After I got off the taxi at Taipei station, I took some photos of Taipei station with light-up.Taipei station Light-up1

Taipei station Light-up2

Taipei station Light-up3

Locomotive.Taipei station Locomotive Light-up1

Taipei station Locomotive Light-up2

There was a roof garden at CAESAR PARK TAIPEI where I stayed and hotel guests were able to see wonderful views of Taipei station from the garden.CAESAR PARK TAIPEI roof garden

The second day of my Taipei trip was over.


That’s it for the article about walking around Jiufen as part of Day 2.

Jiufen was the filming location of “A City of Sadness” and is said to be a model of “Spirited Away”. Now Jiufen has become one of the most popular tourists spots in Taiwan, so I saw lots of visitors there. Although the access to Jiufen is not so easy, I believe Jiufen is worth for visit 🙂

In the next article, I will write about National Palace Museum as part of Day 3.


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