Taipei Trip Part 5: Walking around Shifen Station on Pingxi Line

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I traveled to Taiwan for four days and three nights. This time, I visited Taipei and its surrounding areas. In this article, I will write about walking around Shifen station on the Pingxi Line as part of Day 2.

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Walking around Shifen

I took a return train from Jingtong station and reached Shifen station. I will stop over and walk around Shifen station.Pingxi Line Shifen1

Shifen is the largest town along Pingxi Line, so a lot of tourists got off the train here.Pingxi Line Shifen2

Pingxi Line is a single track railway and Shifen station is centrally located. So, up-trains and down-trains pass each other at Shifen station.Pingxi Line Shifen3

Now the up-train left the station.""



Shifen is famous for sky lanterns.Taiwan Shifen1

A lantern was launched.""

It is said dreams come true if the lantern go up straight.Taiwan Shifen Sky lanterns1

There were several shops that handled sky lanterns and they were launched around here.""


There were a lot of tourists around the station, but once I walked into an alley, I found it was relatively calm.""



I returned to the crowded shopping area near the station.Taiwan Shifen2

Platform of Shifen station.""

Trains ran once an hour. Visitors were able to walk into rails and launch sky lanterns as long as trains did not show up.Taiwan Shifen Sky lanterns2

Taiwan Shifen Sky lanterns3

Taiwan Shifen Sky lanterns4

Another feature of Shfen along with sky lanterns is that visitors are able to watch trains just in front of them.Taiwan Pingxi Line Shifen1

When trains came closer, shop staff blowed a whistle for warning so that visitors did not bother trains.Taiwan Pingxi Line Shifen2

A train was waiting at the station, I took several train photos.""



Now I will have a lunch. I stopped by a cafe.Taiwan Pingxi Line Shifen cafe1

In the cafe.Taiwan Pingxi Line Shifen cafe2

Here is what I ordered.Taiwan Pingxi Line Shifen cafe3

So far I have used a wide-angle lens (16-35mm) to take photos. From now on, I will change it with a middle ranged telephoto lens (90mm). To begin with, here are some photos of shopping district.Taiwan Pingxi Line Shifen shopping area1

Taiwan Pingxi Line Shifen shopping area2

Taiwan Pingxi Line Shifen shopping area3

I found a cute dog.Taiwan Pingxi Line Shifen dog

Here are photos of sky lanterns.Shifen Sky lanterns1

Shifen Sky lanterns2

Shifen Sky lanterns3


Then, I switched to the wide-angle lens (16-35mm) to take photos of Jingan Suspension Bridge.Shifen Jingan Suspension Bridge1

Shifen Jingan Suspension Bridge2

View of the station from the bridge.Shifen Jingan Suspension Bridge3

Then, I rode a train to move to the next destination, Houtong.


That’s it for the article about walking around Shifen station on the Pingxi Line as part of Day 2.

To tell the truth, one of the biggest reasons why I decided to travel to Taipei is because I wanted to visit Shifen. When I just happned to read a guidebook of Taiwan, I was impressed with several photos of Shifen. Then, I determined to visit Taipei 🙂

In the next article, I will write about walking around Houtong station on the Pingxi Line as part of Day 2.


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