Taipei Trip Part 6: Houtong Station on Pingxi Line, one of the most largest cat villages in the world

平渓線 猴硐 猫 アイキャッチ画像


I traveled to Taiwan for four days and three nights. This time, I visited Taipei and its surrounding areas. In this article, I will write about walking around Houtong station on the Pingxi Line as part of Day 2.

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Houtong Station

I took a train from Shifen station and got off at Houtong station to stop over.Pingxi Line Houtong1

Houtong used to prosper as a coal mine town, but has gone into decline since the coal mine was closed in 1990. However, Houtong has recently received much attention from tourists from all over the world as CNN  picked up it as one of the “5 places where cats outshine tourist attractions”.

At the station building of Houtong.Pingxi Line Houtong2

When I left the station and crossed over a pedestrian overpass, I found a cat immediately.Pingxi Line Houtong Cat1

Cats in Houtong were used to tourists, so they didn’t move away even if tourists approached to them.Pingxi Line Houtong Cat2

I found many cats around me and I will show these snap photos later in this article.

Cat Cafe “217 Cafe”

When I climbed up on a hill, I found an area where there were several cat cafes.Pingxi Line Houtong Cat Cafe

I dropped by “217 Cafe” among them.""

In the cafe.""

I ordered a cup of iced coffee, which came with cookies.Pingxi Line Houtong 217 Cafe1

The coaster was cute.Pingxi Line Houtong 217 Cafe2

Messages with many language.""

I will take photos of cats in the cafe.Pingxi Line Houtong 217 Cafe Cat1

This cat took a rest just before and suddenly got up.Pingxi Line Houtong 217 Cafe Cat2

Then, it strolled around the cafe.""



There was another cat in the cafe.Pingxi Line Houtong 217 Cafe Cat3

Both cats paid little attention to visitors and kept their own pace.Pingxi Line Houtong 217 Cafe Cat4

Pingxi Line Houtong 217 Cafe Cat5

Cat Village

After I left “217 Cafe”, I will take photos of cats in Houtong. Here are some snaps.Taiwan Houtong Cat1



Taiwan Houtong Cat2

Taiwan Houtong Cat3


Taiwan Houtong Cat4



Taiwan Houtong Cat5

Now was the time to leave Houting and I returned to the station.Pingxi Line Houtong Station1

I took a train to move to Ruifang and then went to Jiufen.Pingxi Line Houtong Station2


That’s it for the article about walking around Houtong station on the Pingxi Line as part of Day 2.

Speaking of cats, I recall Neko-no-hosomichi (Cat Trail) in Onomichi and my profile icon is “Fukuishi-neko” (Lucky stone cat), which is placed along Neko-no-hosomichi. When I traveled to Onomichi, I often saw cats. In Houtong, I found cats more frequently. If you are a cat lover, I would recommend you visit Houtong if you have a chance 🙂

In the next article, I will write about walking around Jiufen as part of Day 2.


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