“Jewellumination” – Winter Illumination at Yomiuri Land

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Since my friend gave me a free ticket, I went to see “Jewellumination”, which is a winter illumination at Yomiuri Land, an amusement park in Tokyo.

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What is Jewellumination?

Jewellumination at Yomiuri Land is the winter illumination produced by a Japanese famous illumination designer. It has started since 2010 and this year marks the 6th times operation. This is an LED illumination based on the seven jewellery colors (diamond, ruby, amber, topaz, emerald, sapphire and amethyst), and has become more luxurious year by year.

Though in Japanese, the video below is the TV commercial for the event.

The park was so large and illuminations were set with each theme by area. Here are some photos taken there.

Amusement Park Area

After I went into the entrance, there was the amusement park area.よみうりランド イルミネーション1


Big trees named “Jewel Tree Grass”""


Ferris wheel.""

よみうりランド イルミネーション2

Trees with the ferris wheel in the background.よみうりランド イルミネーション3

Avenue named Jewelry Road”.よみうりランド イルミネーション4


Cute Area

After I passed the amusement park area, I reached the cute area. In this area, there were lots of pop illuminations with orange and yellow colors.



Land bridge.""

A couple in silhouette.よみうりランド イルミネーション5

Aqua Area

よみうりランド イルミネーション 噴水ショー2

The furthest area from the entrance is aqua area. In this area, three kinds of fountain shows were conducted regularly. I watched two kinds of shows.

The first was was “Silhouette” where dancers danced to music and light.""

よみうりランド イルミネーション 噴水ショー1



The another one was “La Fontaine”.よみうりランド イルミネーション 噴水ショー3





よみうりランド イルミネーション 噴水ショー4

よみうりランド イルミネーション 噴水ショー5

Love Stream Area

よみうりランド イルミネーション6

The final destination was “Love Stream Area”. There were objects named “Lovely Angels” and reflection was beautiful.""



In the meantime, it was the closing time and I left Yomiuri Land.""


That’s it for the article about “Jewellumination” – Winter Illumination at Yomiuri Land. Since Yomiuri Land is so large, once you enter the site, you don’t have to worry about crowds so much. In addition to illumination, there were a variety of attractions in the park, so the venue is especially suitable for families with kids 🙂

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