Chino Cultural Complex: what an artistic building it is!

Chino Cultural Complex featured image


I took a day trip to Chino City, Nagano Prefecture. My main purpose was to visit Mishaka Pond and I also stopped by Meiji Onsen Ryokan. In this article,  I will pick up the Chino Cultural Complex, which is a very artistic building.

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* Mishaka Pond (Related article)
* Meiji Onsen Ryokan (Related article)
* Chino Cultural Complex (This article)

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After I visited Mishaka Pond and Meiji Onsen Ryokan, I planed to return to Tokyo。

Near the Chino Station

However, I just happened to see a characteristic building near the Chino Station.Chino Cultural Complex photo1

Chino Cultural Complex photo2

Chino Cultural Complex photo3

Chino Cultural Complex photo4

In front of the building

The building appears to be very artistic and the sign says “Chino Cultural Complex”. I decided to go in it.Chino Cultural Complex photo5

Chino Cultural Complex photo6

In the building

Just like the exterior, the interior is so cool.Chino Cultural Complex photo7

Chino Cultural Complex photo8

The rest room is also cool.Chino Cultural Complex photo9

Around the building

Chino Cultural Complex photo10

Chino Cultural Complex photo11

Chino Cultural Complex photo12

Chino Cultural Complex photo13

Steam Locomotive

A steam locomotive was displayed near the building.Steam Locomotive at Chino Station photo1

Steam Locomotive at Chino Station photo2

Steam Locomotive at Chino Station photo3

From the platform at the station

Now I had a train to catch, so I moved to the station and returned to Tokyo.Chino Station photo1

Chino Station photo2

Chino Station photo3

Chino Station photo4


Originally, I didn’t have any plan to visit this artistic building at all. I just decided to visit there when I saw it. After I returned to Tokyo, I looked into the building and found that the designer received a Japan art academy award in 2010.

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