Autumn Leaves in Mishaka Pond

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I took a day trip to Chino City, Nagano Prefecture to visit Mishaka Pond. I visited it in June once before, and this time I revisited it during the autumn leaves season.

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What is Mishaka Pond?


Mishaka Pond is a reservoir in Chino City, Nagano Prefecture. The pond is famous for its mystic atmosphere and also known as a place where a famous Japanese painter created his work and a TV commercial of the SHARP AQUOS was shot. I have been there once in June during the season of the new green leaves (first part, second part), and I visited it again as I heard the pond has a different atmosphere during the autumn leaves season. Regarding the access to Mishaka Pond, I mentioned it in the first part of the previous article in June. Now, I will post photos I took there.

Autumn Leaves in Mishaka Pond

I arrived at Mishaka Pond.""

The leaves were turning yellow.Mishaka Pond Autumn Leaves1



From the side of the pond.""


Mishaka Pond Autumn Leaves2


Front side of the pond.""



Slightly changed the color.Mishaka Pond Autumn Leaves3

Tree trunk.""


Near the bank.""


As you can see, it was a sunny weather. However, in terms of mystic atmosphere in Mishaka Pond, I think a cloudy weather would be better. Anyway, I left the pond for the time being, and moved to Meiji Onsen Ryokan, a hot spring inn, near the pond to take a rest just like when I visited it in June.

Go to Meiji Onsen Ryokan

So, I went to Meiji Onsen Ryokan.""

Autumn leaves on the way.""

I arrived at Meiji Onsen Ryokan.Meiji Onsen Ryokan

However, I found the hot spring was available only for the inn guests during the autumn leaves season, so I was not able to use it 🙁

Instead, I took photos around Meiji Onsen Ryokan.""

Meiji Onsen Ryokan Autumn Leaves1

Meiji Onsen Ryokan Autumn Leaves2

Meiji Onsen Ryokan Autumn Leaves3

Mishaka Pond again


Now I returned from Meiji Onsen Ryokan to Mishaka Pond. The sun was declining and weakening little by little and I intentionally changed the color setting.

Mishaka Pond Autumn Leaves4

Mishaka Pond Autumn Leaves5


Mishaka Pond Autumn Leaves6

Then, I left Mishaka Pond.


That’s it for the article about autumn leaves in Mishaka Pond. Now I have been there twice in early summer and autumn, and I found the pond shows different scenery by season. In this regard, it has something in common with Biei, Hokkaido. As far as I checked via Google image search, it seems Mishaka Pond in winter shows different views, so I was just wondering if I could visit it again in winter 🙂

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