Mishaka Pond part2 & Meiji Onsen Ryokan

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I took a day trip to Chino City, Nagano Prefecture. My main purpose was to visit Mishaka Pond and I also stopped by Meiji Onsen Ryokan. In addition, I dropped in a restaurant and ate Japanese noodles (Soba).

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* Mishaka Pond (Related article)
* Meiji Onsen Ryokan (This article)
* Chino Cultural Complex (Related article)

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(Following my previous post) I left Mishaka Pond for the the being and moved to Meiji Onsen Ryokan.

Meiji Onsen Ryokan

Meiji Onsen Ryokan is a hot spring inn that was built about 120 years ago. The hot spring inn is surrounded by abundant nature with retro-inspired atmosphere.Meiji Onsen Ryokan photo1

Meiji Onsen Ryokan photo2

Meiji Onsen Ryokan photo3

Meiji Onsen Ryokan photo4

Meiji Onsen Ryokan photo5

Oshidori-gakushi waterfall

There is also a waterfall, named “Oshidori-gakushi-no-taki”, near the hot spring inn.Oshidori-gakushi waterfall photo1

Oshidori-gakushi waterfall photo2

Returned to Mishaka Pond

I went back to Mishaka Pond. When I arrived at it in the morning, it was cloudy. But now it has become sunny. So, I took photos with panoramic views this time.Mishaka Pond photo1

Mishaka Pond photo2

Mishaka Pond photo3

Mishaka Pond photo4

Mishaka Pond photo5

I also took photos with zoom-up views.Mishaka Pond photo6

Mishaka Pond photo7

Mishaka Pond photo8

Now is the time when I had a bus to catch. I left Misyaka Pond and moved to the nearest station.

Japanese noodle (Soba)

Before I returned to Tokyo, I dropped in a restaurant and ate Japanese noodle (Soba).Japanese noodle (Soba) photo1

Japanese noodle (Soba) photo2

Japanese noodle (Soba) photo3

Japanese noodle (Soba) photo4

Japanese noodle (Soba) photo5

Then, I moved to the Chino station and saw an impressive building. I decided to make an unscheduled stop there. It the next article, I will write about it.

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