Matsumoto Shrine, Nawate Street, Nakamachi Street, Fukashi Shrine

Matsumoto Shrine, Nawate Street, Nakamachi Street, Fukashi Shrine featured image


I took a day trip to Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture and visited several places. In this article, I will write aboutMatsumoto Shrine, Nawate Street, Nakamachi Street and Fukashi Shrine.

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* Matsumoto Castle (Related article)
* Kaichi School Museum (Related article)
* Matsumoto Shrine, Nawate Street, Nakamachi Street, Fukashi Shrine (This article)

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Following Matsumoto Castle and Kaichi School Museum, I visited other spots in Matsumoto, as much as time allowed.

Matsumoto Shrine

Matsumoto Shrine is located adjacent to the north side of Matsumoto Castle.Matsumoto Shrine photo1

Matsumoto Shrine photo2

Matsumoto Shrine photo3

Matsumoto Shrine photo4

Matsumoto Shrine photo5

Matsumoto Shrine photo6

Matsumoto Shrine photo7

Nawate Street

Nawate Street recreates the scenery of the castle town in the Edo period.Nawate Street photo1

Nawate Street photo2

Nawate Street photo3

Nawate Street photo4

Nawate Street photo5

Nakamachi Street

Nakamachi Street has a lot of warehouses.Nakamachi Street photo1

Nakamachi Street photo2

Nakamachi Street photo3

Nakamachi Street photo4

Nakamachi Street photo5

Fukashi Shrine

Fukashi Shrine was built in 1339 and a famous Japanese TV drama was shot there.Fukashi Shrine photo1

Fukashi Shrine photo2

Fukashi Shrine photo3

Fukashi Shrine photo4

Fukashi Shrine photo5

Fukashi Shrine photo6

Fukashi Shrine photo7

Fukashi Shrine photo8

Fukashi Shrine photo9

Fukashi Shrine photo10

Fukashi Shrine photo11

Fukashi Shrine photo12

Fukashi Shrine photo13


Matsumoto city is about three hours ride by train from Tokyo. If you are interested in it, please check the following website.

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