Mishaka Pond: beautiful reflection

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I took a day trip to Chino City, Nagano Prefecture. My main purpose was to visit Mishaka Pond, which is famous for its reflection. The pond is also known as a place where a famous Japanese painter created his work and a TV commercial of the SHARP AQUOS was shot.

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* Mishaka Pond (This article)
* Meiji Onsen Ryokan (Related article)
* Chino Cultural Complex (Related article)

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Access to Mishaka Pond

Now I arrived at Mishaka Pond.Mishaka Pond photo1

The nearest station to the pond is the Chino station, which is about two and a half hour ride from Tokyo by “Azusa”, limited express train. Then, there is a bus service from the station to the nearest bus stop.

Panoramic view shots 

I started to take my photos with panoramic views. When I arrived at the venue in the morning, it was cloudy. According to the weather forecast, it will become sunny in the afternoon.Mishaka Pond photo2

Mishaka Pond photo3


Then, I took many telephotos, as the Japanese painter’s work and the TV commercial I mentioned before were taken with such angles. You can also see how beautiful the pond’s reflection is.Mishaka Pond photo4

Mishaka Pond photo5

Mishaka Pond photo6

Mishaka Pond photo7

Mishaka Pond photo8

Mishaka Pond photo9

Mishaka Pond photo10

Mishaka Pond photo11

Mishaka Pond photo12

Mishaka Pond photo13

The sky is starting to clear up

Now it has started to become sunny, so I took panoramic photos again.Mishaka Pond photo14

Mishaka Pond photo15

Mishaka Pond photo16

Mishaka Pond photo17

With trees

Mishaka Pond photo18

Mishaka Pond photo19

Mishaka Pond photo20

Mishaka Pond photo21

Mishaka Pond photo22

There is a hot spring near the pond and I visited there too. In the next article, I will write about it.

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